Trick of the day #5 pubg mobile. Best setting of gyroscopes sensitivity in pubg mobile device.

Hello friends welcome to "Trick of the day series of Pubg Mobile" by Pubg Pro Gyaan. In this tutorial I gonna share Best setting of gyroscopes sensitivity in pubg mobile device.

And share the video tutorial hand cam to improve your aiming skills and gyroscope sensitivity. So if you want to know about these settings sit back and enjoy.

Starting the training zone of Pubg Pro Gyaan.

Trick Of The Day #5 Of Pubg Mobile

Today I will show you how to control recoil or how to use gyroscopes. First you need to have a working gyroscope without any delays. if you have any delays it might be broken better not to use it look at my screen.

Now go to your settings and enable gyroscope always on and then use these settings for gyroscope. from now you can adjust them later as you like go to training mode. And then check if your gyroscope is working or not.

 Tilting your device left and right should move your aim and it should be moving in the direction you tilt. If you notice any delays your gyroscope might be broken or not good enough for PUBG.

You can also do spray transfers with gyro like this in video. Now scope in and start shooting while you tilt your device downwards. Try to control recoil and maintain recoil at target keep doing it for a while. 

You might notice this like some Dutch issues but it's due to gyro. You just need to adjust your aim every time you scope in and scope out.

You can also control recoil with 4X or 6X but you need to practice for it. And it's not easy as red dot I've been using gyroscopes in season four so my aim and recoil control average as for my experience with gyro.

It's easy to learn but hard to control you need to train yourself for 30 minutes per day to learn gyroscope.

You might notice something different like this don't worry. It's because of gyroscope you will need to get used to it. Look at my spray transfers in video.

By doing this we'll take you to hit multiple targets in one spray. It takes time to learn, if you want to use only scope on for gyroscopes this is how it looks like in the video.

Now your device won't tilt left and right it only tilts in scope on, its same as always on. But it only works in scope ever used scope on. So I don't know what it's like to play with scope on with gyroscopes. It's almost same as always on gyroscopes but gyroscopes works only when you scope in.

Some tips about gyroscope sensitivity of Pubg Mobile

You can use gyroscopes to aim better and also to snipe better. And I'll write a separate full depth article for you to understand better. Practice gyroscope by shooting at targets Oh blowing up the cars at 100 meters.

Thank you for watching comment down below if you're having any problem or join us on Instagram and Facebook I will help you.

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