Trick Of The Day #4 ! 20 tips and tricks everyone should know about Pubg Mobile.

Hello friends welcome to "Trick of the day series of Pubg Mobile" by Pubg Pro Gyaan. In this gaming tutorial I gonna share some amazing 20 tips and tricks everyone should know about Pubg Mobile.

 So if you want to know about these tactics sit back and enjoy. Starting the training zone of Pubg Pro Gyaan.

Trick Of The Day #4 Of Pubg Mobile 

Let me explain you these 20 tips one by from this video tutorials;-

Tip 1

Moving vehicle seat swap when you see an enemy while you're driving vehicle. you can swap your seat and star shooting by doing this you may lose some of your critical accuracy but it's still better than jumping from a moving vehicle and losing 80 percent of health.

You may need to be careful while doing this because your vehicle will hit the brake when you swap seats and eventually stops moving which makes easier for enemies to kill you.

So it's better to get down from the vehicle and find a cover.

Tip 2

You can use your vehicle as cover in some situations. but there's a gap between tires from this gap you can get shots so it's better to burst the tires and use the vehicle as cover now.

I think you might be safe from getting shots from below the vehicle.

This vehicle is still usable but not as fast as before and also this depends on vehicles.

Make sure you only burst two tires on the same side or it might be tough for you to travel.  

Sometimes you don't need to burst the tires it depends on the situation. 

Tip 3

You can kill people by shooting from below the object like a fake car.
In boot camp or in military base bridge and many more. this trick works only when legs are visible.

So yeah you should be careful while camping behind objects like these.

Tip 4

Do you know that painkillers wait the same amount as the first-aid kit in your backpack. do you think the first-aid kit will be much heavier but the painkiller is quite heavy in your bag. painkiller is worse boost item in my opinion because it takes up a lot of space in your bag and extremely long to use and also not very efficient.

 I recommend carrying energy drinks because you can take to energy drinks and it doesn't take as much space in your bag as a painkiller.

 And gives you a little bit more boost than a single painkiller.

Tip 5

 There are actually two ways of crossing this river near boot camp. one is from water and another one is using a bridge. you can cross this river by swimming underwater speaking of underwater.

 You can stay up to 18 to 20 seconds underwater and sometimes you can make it without losing health. sometimes you may lose some health so swimming underwater is safe. and harder for enemies to spot you in water.

If you get knocked in the water you'll die instantly so be careful while traveling from water or while crossing rivers.

Tip 6

There is a jump near a boot camp that you can easily do with a bike. but with a scooter maybe you can make halfway through and swim if you ever made this jump with scooter then let me know in comments.

Most people don't like using a bike because it can easily get flipped. but the bike is the fastest vehicle and also a less secured vehicle. you can balance the bike with those up/down controls.

 So in case if you ever need to use bike, use those to control or balance the bike from getting flipped. just like in Hill Climb racing.

Tip 7

 Moving while heeling is extremely helpful. I think most players know this by now if you played for more than one season you will get used to moving while healing. it just saves your life if any shots are coming in and make it hard for enemies to shoot at you.

Tip 8

 The next tip is for gyroscope players only having a different sensitivity for sniping and spraying is really helpful. 

Change your sensitivity when you want to snipe and change it back to normal after this. may be hard at starting but you'll get used to it.

Tip 9

 This tip is about game mechanics you're right peak actually exposes less of your body then left peak does. it's basically the way the character model works left peak is going to reveal more of your body means bigger hitbox. and more chances of getting hit than if you right peak and also right peak gives you more field of view then left peak.

 I'm not saying that never use left peak in certain cases you should do it. because it's the only choice but keep in mind your body exposes a lot when you left peak.

Tip 10

 Do yourself a favour by having the same weapons in the same slot every time. let's say you're carrying m4 and a sniper and you have m4 in slot 1 and sniper in slot 2.

 In that way whenever you want to snipe someone. you will know sniper is in slot 2 and also it gives you muscle memory to understand easier.

Tip 11

 Whenever you want to spray down enemies from 100 meters or higher try to use Crouch and spray. by crouching your recoil will be reduced a little bit and increases your accuracy.

 So try to crouch more often to get used to doing it regularly. and if you can't able to control recoil and enemy is so far the new prone and start shooting by using prone your recoil will be reduced almost half.

 I think so and it will be harder for enemies to shoot back at you because of smaller hitbox. and maybe sometimes crouching and proning might be useful in the close range too.

Tip 12

You can easily survive all of the zones up to above five. that's when you should probably think about getting in. but when you get stuck in the gunfights in zones like two three or maybe four.

 It's not a good idea of fighting in the blue zone but with enough health kits in full boost you can definitely outlive your opponents.

 There are gonna move or they gonna die under the blue zone and you could stay safe or at least alive. but by fifth zone you should be getting in.

Tip 13

 Whenever you are trying to do the third party to someone. if you see someone knock just confirm those kills you get those kills not the enemy who knock them.

 It's like stealing kills but worth it because you are getting free kills by stealing their kills.

Tip 14

 Cooking those nerds is probably is one of the most important things to learn. however you want to learn it either going training grounds or count in your head and getting lucky.

 If I start throwing nades behind that house those guys will have plenty of time to get away. however if I cook it perfectly and this guy will die and not stand a chance of getting out.

 So do yourself a favor by getting really good at cooking these nerds because they make you a better player.

Tip 15

 And next thing is pre-fire ; pre-fire plays an important role. whenever you want to push through it with a pre-fire it always helps. and do it more often to get good at it the more you play the more common hiding spots you know.

 If you have enter on someone's position you should pre-fire obviously since you are already putting.

 Shots downrange and the person is still reacting on defense pre-fire as well when attackers try to push an object it will make them hesitate or slow down. and cancel out their peekers advantage.

Tip 16

 If you don't have Intel of someone being in a room but you are still clearing. it just quick peek the room look for someone and if you do see someone pre-fire on the re-peak. otherwise just quick peek and create every angle as you go.

Tip 17

 I wouldn't worry too much about giving away your position since most people know what's going on without having confirmed Intel. most people check everything anyways 

Tip 18

Having more than three smoke grenades will definitely help you in the final circle. when you want to loot a crate during an open battlefield, use smokes when you want to rush into a building from open ground use smokes when you want to make enemies fool with a fake grenade, use smokes.

 So here in my case, I'm rushing in the open field and I use few smokes to give me good a cover and distract them.

Tip 19

 Try to use the highest sound settings for headphones or earphones, which makes easier for you to listen to enemy's footsteps and locate them easily.

 Gun sounds will be loud at starting but if you keep on playing on highest sound settings you'll get used to it.

Tip 20

 And finally having a great game sense, for example, some people who are new to the game while prone in the grass thinking that they are safe and covered up by all the grass.

 Well they don't understand that grass only renders about few hunters of meters so my enemy is almost 100 meters away. and he thinks that proning in the grass is safe, but from my angle I cannot see any grass because it does not render that far.

Trick Of The Day #3

So how to improve your game sence?

 Well by playing an understanding how game works the more time you spend on the game will increase your game sense.

 And also try to watch some eSports which will give you some more details about game sense and how Pro players play.

 So yeah that's it for this tutorial thank you for reading this far.

 If you learn something new hit that recommended button and share this article with your friends and comment down your favorite tips and trick.

See you tomorrow with our Trick of the day #5 . 

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