Trick of the day #2 Pubg Mobile daily tricks ll 9 tips to get 20+ kills.

Today I will share with you 9 simple but proven tips of PUBG MOBILE. that helps you to get over 20 kills! In this article I will give you step by step tricks to get kills.  So take a sit and enjoy.

Pubg Mobile Trick of the day #2

9 steps to get 20+ kills in Pubg Mobile from this video 

Step - 1

First of all you must find a lobby with a hot drop at the beginning of airplane trajectory.

Such as - Georgopol, Novo or Military Base. Then mark airplane trajectory. That will help you to find kills.

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Step - 2

Next step is to find weapons fast. Find out a place were you always get weapons on these hot drops and find them before your enemies.

Step - 3

Step 3 is to kill enemies in squad one by one. Don't rush on 1full squad with four players. Just like I did with this squad: I knocked one with Scar-L. Another teammate was too slow and haven't find a weapon. Third died while reviving teammate.

And the last one run away when his full team died. So at this moment I killed 3 BOTS and two squads one by one. As you see I already have 12 kills thanks to a hot drop, killing squads by one player and fiding weapons faster than my opponents.

Step - 4

 Next step is psychological. Don't think about 20 kills. Always remember about this screenshot. 8-10 fast kills after landing. 2- 3 Free bot kills while finding opponents. Then one squad wipe and win at the final circle.

Step - 5

mark airplane trajectory. As you see it goes through Pochinki so there is no reason to go into Rozhok. Higher chance to find enemies in Pochinki or Military Base.

Step - 6

always use vehicles! That will save your time or even your life. Having vehicle in game can safe you from direct attacks and help you to reach fast were you want to go.

Use buggy when you play solo it will save you from back side.

Step - 7

Next simple tip is to check all drops. If you see Air and Flare drops, go to flare drop first ! But be aware there might be full squad waiting for you.

Step - 8

Don't be afraid to rush while 2 squats fighting. At this moment everyone is with low HP Same idea as in a step number 7. Drops attract enemies so let enemy come to you if you don't know where to find them.

Step - 9

Last tip for today is always stay calm and never panic! At this gameplay I lost concentration. I was thinking about where to find new ammo and this mistake killed me Anyways I hope you enjoyed this game and find something helpful.

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