Pubg Mobile trick of the day #1 || 2 Free Premium Crate & Free Spin

Today I'm starting a new way of daily learnings. From now I will post daily 1 trick of PUBG MOBILE. That will give you motivation for doing well in your gaming carrier.

So here is the trick of the day #1.


So guys let's start this trick in this trick you will get 2 PREMIUM CRATE free. So if you also want to get it stay connected with us.

First Premium Crate Opening

This is a crate that pubg Mobile is sending  Lucky Spin Rewards after update. And this is not for everyone, Few people are getting this crate from Pubg Mobile so if you get this than let me Know in the comment section.

First check your mail here you will get a mail about lucky spin reward. Here you will get a free Premium Crate free.

So collect your first Premium Crate free.

Second Premium Crate Opening

For this Premium Crate you have to come back on lobby. Here you will see a new Extreme treasure has come in lobby you have to open this.

Here you will see a spin 40 UC for spin.
If you click on that spin you will found that you have to pay 0 UC for this spin.

So I'll tell you about that how you can spin it free. First I will explain you how to get our 2nd free Premium Crate.

In this extreme treasure you will see a rocket written Pubg Mobile logo. In the right side of your screen. You have to click on this Rocket.

When you click on this Rocket you. Will get another Premium Crate free.

how to get a free spin in new Extreme treasure spin.            

So here is on more advance trick how to get a free spin in new Extreme treasure spin.

As i told you above about the extreme treasure were you had saw the spin.
So now I will tell you how to spin it free.

For this trick again you have go to the lobby and you have to go in the event option.

After reaching on the event section you have to click on the third option. We're you saw written Extreme treasure.

Here you will found a note written spend 30 UC and get 50 RS coupon and spend 10 UC and get 40 RS coupon.

So guys how can you spend UC. Don't worry friend you don't have to actually spend UC.

So what you have to do now just go to the lobby were you will see an Questions mark (?) Option after start button. You have to click on that option.

After clicking that option you will get to see some interface were you will battle points.

Note : in this method you need 100 UC to do this trick. These UC will not go anywhere I will saw you how you get back your UC.

Now first you have to go in redeem option were you have to redeem 1000 battle coins with 100 UC. 1000 coins of 100 UC are available.

You get a mail of receiving 1000 battle coins. So how you will get back your 100 UC.

For this you have to go to the bonus challenge option in tournament section  from lobby. In the bonus challenge you can see your 1000 battle coins and you can redeem your 100 UC for these 1000 coins. You can see step by step screenshot to do this.

Step 1 - Go to Bonus Challenge

Step 2 - Redeem Rewards 

Step 3 - Get your 100 UC

After redeem you will get a mail of receiving 100 UC. So you saw how we brought our UC back.

Now go back to Event section and collect your coupons. Now with this coupon you can spin this extreme treasure spin.

Now it's your luck what will you get in this spin.

Let me know what you get in the spin in the comments.

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