"Cold Front Survival" Mode of PUBG MOBILE is Finally Coming on April 16

PUBG Mobile has been hinting about this new mode since the beginning of this year 2020. However, even with today’s teaser,regarding to the official details  it revealed on April 16 2020. From what we can gather, drones might be introduced in the game although we don’t know how exactly they will be used. CoD Mobile has introduced drones as a scorestreak and they’re used for killing players in the multiplayer mode. 

The social media posts by official PUBG Mobile account confirms that ‘Cold Front Survival’ is coming on April 16.

PUBG Mobile posted several pictures teasing ‘Cold Front Survival.’ Most of these posts come with one-line descriptions like “Things are getting a bit…chilly here” and “Chicken Dinners for survival!”  So, it’s for sure that it will take us to an icy region, maybe to a snowy version of Erangel or the existing snowy Vikendi map.

 ‘Cold Front Survival’ Mode of PUBG MOBILE

There is no accurate information has been shared by the PUBG MOBILE, but the teasers point out the previously leaked Extreme Cold mode that was seen on a beta version of Game For Peace (Chinese version of PUBG Mobile).

Key Highlights

Tencent Games has renamed the mode as 'Cold Front Survival' and will be available to all PUBG Mobile users starting from April 16

The name of the mode itself hints that players will have to survive the extreme cold weather in the Vikendi map

Popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile is bringing a new 'Cold Front Survival' Mode on April 16. For those who are not aware, this feature is the same as the Extreme Cold Mode which was earlier tipped to arrive with the Season 12 update last month.

Official announcement by Social Channels of PUBG MOBILE about Cold Front Survival mode

The official social accounts of PUBG Mobile some hours before, the picture shared showed a drone in the ice regions of Cold Front Survival. 

    Instagram Post of PUBG Mobile

Players would have to deal with damage if they are not around a fire when the cold wave hits. Some activities players will have to do include gathering wood to light a fire, and hunting for animals to survive.

 Players will be given preparation time for it. There’s also a teaser image of Cold Front Survival which hints at a heating pack item. This would presumably be one of the items required by players to survive the cold weather.

    Twitter Post of PUBG MOBILE

    Facebook Post of PUBG MOBILE

Facebook teaser post of 'Cold Front Survival' Mode shows a drone gliding over the vikendi map. However, the role of the drone in the game is still unclear. Reports are suggested that the drone might help the players to monitor the area and spot animal to stay away or to hunt them easily. The drone can also help players in searching enemies and attack them.

 Some report suggests that the players have to survive multiple snowstorms and kill the opponents to win the match. "Any guesses on what this new item is? #ColdFrontSurvival #pubgm #ComingSoon," PUBG Mobile Facebook post reads. It has been speculated that the new item might be a heat pack which will help players to stay warm during snowstorm waves.

In this moment, the PUBG MOBILE has not mentioned any information apart from the teaser post. There is no information whether the item will be available via loot or players will spawn with it.


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