What will you get in Pubg Mobile Update of 0.18.0 season 13 royale pass

This season 13 Pubg Mobile royale pass brings some amazing in update 0.18.0 . The beta version had some clues were you can get some overview of global version of the update 0.18.0 .

Let's see what will you get in Pubg Mobile update of 0.18.0 season 13 royale pass :

1. Miramar 2.0
2. Updated weapon win 94 in
3. New car in Miramar 2.0
4. Arctic Mode
5. New weapons P90 in Arctic Mode
6. Safety Scramble Mode.
7. Updated training Mode.
8. New carancy (Dimond)
9. Candid Sight
10. New Achievements

Now you had a overview of this big update of 0.18.0 season 13 royale pass Pubg Mobile.

Now I gonna breakdown the every points in detailed. So stay connected and get the Pubg Pro Gyaan.

Trick of the day series

1. Miramar 2.0

Let's know about the biggest update of the SEASON 13, The Global version of 0.18.0 update of PUBG MOBILE.

Miramar 2.0 is an unexpected update that Pubg Mobile bring in this new season update.

Actually most of the gamers are like to play in the Erangel map. And the company has already had announcement about Erangel 2.0 before.

Most of the gamers are waiting for Erangel 2.0 , so if you are also want see Erangel 2.0 comment here. Now come back to the Miramar 2.0 , what you gonna have new in Miramar 2.0 .

   "The Miramar 2.0 is bigger than the previous map. So now you will get to see some new houses and new places in the map."

   Here is one more thing added in the Miramar 2.0 : "Strom Intervals".

  Powerful Strom intervals are bring new life in the your gaming experience of PUBG MOBILE.

  You can't see in the game while Strom intervals.

2. Updated weapon win 94 in Miramar

With the new Miramar 2.0 map you will see a new old but updated weapon in the game.

It's Win 94 a unique Sniper Rifle that it cannot be equipped with any scope before. But now it's updated with a inbuilt scope.

 Yup guys you will have this gun with scope attached.

3. New car in Miramar 2.0

There is one more surprise for you guys you will see one new car in Miramar 2.0  it's a Golden Colour Mirado.
This car will only in Miramar 2.0 .

4.Arctic Mode

It's a new mode added in Playlab Arctic mode. You will have to play this mode in vikendi map on playlab. Basically it's a lime limit type of game. Were you will get some brand new weather , you can call it an extreme cold weather.

 In this you will see cold Strom intervals like Miramar 2.0 but this cold Strom intervals can give you damage.

 If you don't do anything in this Strom you will get knocked or killed by Strom.
 So When there is a problem there is a solution too.

Fire Lighter

  You will have to get some fire lighter for your self to prevent your self from the ice Strom.


 It's a one of the best update ever happened in Pubg Mobile. You can find this one on Arctic mode. This will help you to find out the enemies by the drone camera.

   If you want to know How to Play in Arctic mode subscribe us and comment I will give you some indepth tips and tricks about Arctic mode.

5. New weapons P90 in Arctic Mode

With this mode a new weapon also come in the Arctic mode. It's a new SMG GUN P90. It has 50 buttets large magazine with addable scope slots. But can't use 8x scope in this Submarine.

6. Safety Scramble Mode

There is one more mode is introducing in Playlab it's name is "Safety Scramble Mode". This mode is gonna played in most favorite map of PUBG MOBILE players "Erangel".

This map is something out of the box gaming mode in the entire update of 0.18.0 season 13 royale pass.

Why safety Scramble mode is different ?

There are some amazing stuff added by the developers. That never happened in the any other map. This is because of it's unique double circle quality.

Yes guys in this mode you gonna see two circles one is the blue zone you known everything about it. That when you are in out of the circle you get damage from blue zone.

Now you will one more circle, looks like purple in colour under this blue zone circle. You can call it Purple circle, yes it's also a danger zone because you will get some damage if you in purple circle. But it's not like blue zone, this will give you little low damage like blue zone.

In this new mode you have to play in between both the circles. I think so.  Meanwhile, a lot of circles have arrived.

So, let's move forward in this sort space players have to face so much struggle and conflict while playing. I think that's why developers had this name Scramble Mode.

Enemies in the scramble you are also scrambled too much fun.

7. Updated training Mode

Coming along with the new update 0.18.0 is updated training mode. In this global version update you will get to see an updated training mode.

Lots of another amazing stuffs are added in this new training mode. Here you will see some new mini games. And a sitting area of benches were you can sit around the campfire roasted chicken. If you like you can also eat from there it's your choice. If you can lolz..., Ohk jokes apart.

In the back side of this sitting area you will see a big Swing wheel. That not really working , it's been there like showpiece. If it's live than you had some more fun, but who knows why they are bring that in training mode.

I think Developers have some future for this big Swing wheel in Pubg Mobile training mode.

Daily task ;

            Now while training on the game will be give you some daily tasks. That you have to achieve these task while training.

Whenever you complete these tasks you will get dimonds. In the next point were you find these dimonds and how to use them.

8. New carancy (Dimond)

Pubg Mobile season 13 is now coming with one more carancy called diamond. These dimonds are available in the tasks of training mode. Whenever you complete tasks, you'll get a Dimond.

With these dimonds you can lock the inventory items, you already have. Let me clean you when you're open box for inventory items.

There always have some regular stuffs that you have to take double triple. When you lock them with the help of diamonds.

You will get another inventory item that you don't have.

9. Candid Sight

Candid Sight is a most awaiting update of users because developers already announced about this. In previous update 0.17.0 of PUBG MOBILE.

But you don't get this Candid Sight feature in the update of 0.17.0 . Now it's confirmed that in this update 0.18.0 coming with candid Sight.

Let me explain about Candid Sight feature, it's a function of double scope in Gun weapons. It gives to have double scope in a gun.

Suppose when you firing on an enemy with long rang from 6x scope and suddenly you have to take a close combat. Then you can use another red dot scope with just one tap in your control screen.

Definitely this will help you in controlling in situations were you have to take double fight. Long rang to close combat.

 10. New Achievements

In this season 13 global version update  of PUBG MOBILE 0.18.0 you gonna see some New Achievements. With these achievement you will get some really awesome gun skins and outfits like "cat outfit".

If you want to know how you can get a free "Cat Outfit" in this season 13 let me know in the comments section I will give you details in my next post.


There is lots of other posts that will definitely help you to achieve the Conqueror rank in this season 13 royale pass of 0.18.0 update.

So here is the main point you gonna see in your new season update :

1. Miramar 2.0
2. Updated weapon win 94 in Miramar
3. New car in Miramar 2.0
4. Arctic Mode
5. New weapons P90 in Arctic Mode
6. Safety Scramble Mode.
7. Updated training Mode.
8. New carancy (Dimond)
9. Candid Sight
10. New Achievements

Hope guys had fun in this season and make your home stay very awesome.

All the best for your next chicken dinners in Pubg Mobile.

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