How to Become Conqueror In Pubg Mobile Proven Tips and tricks Guide by Pro's 2020

Welcome pubgians today I gonna share some basic but extraordinary step by step Pubg Mobile tips and tricks guide that will help you in your Bronze to Conqueror journey of the game.

Pubg has the millions of user but their is a point to be notice.

Why only 10% of Player's reach in Conqueror rank or Ace ?

In this Guide I will give you step by step knowledge about Player's unknown battle ground (PUBG).

These methods are followed by Pro's of the game. Every single tips and tricks of this Guide are inspired by the real gaming experience.

Table of contents in Guide of Pubg Mobile.

  1. What is pubg (Players unknown battle ground) ?
  2. What is the basic gameplay of the game (Pubg Mobile) ?
  3. How to become Conqueror in Pubg Mobile ?
  4.  future of the Pubg Mobile ?

In you know the basic you can jump in to the content you want to learn about.


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1. What is pubg (Players unknown battle ground) ?

Pubg Mobile is one the most downloaded trending game of this sentury Invented by - Brendan Greene. The man behind the Player's Unknown Battle Ground his from Ireland but moved to Brazil.

Brendan is invented Pubg mobile,The classic game Arma 2 was modded into DayZ: Battle Royale, which became a huge success.

When In early 2016, they began to develop the game (Pubg Mobile) with an aim for release a year later. On March 23, 2017 it was finally time - an early access release to Steam came and it immediately became a success despite some bugs.

How Just over one and a half years after the release, the game has sold 50 million copies across PC and Pubg Xbox One. On Steam's list of the most popular games, PUBG is still on top, before games like Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. However, despite fine numbers, they have challenges. The genre grows and challengers have appeared.

One of them is Fortnite, which is a similar game that has taken many active players from PUBG. However, Brendan Greene has welcomed Fortnite, in several interviews he has stated that his goal is to make the genre grow and that the way there is through new games. Pubg Mobile is  officially released in September 2018.

Battlegrounds was first released for Microsoft Windows via Steam's early access beta program in March 2017, with a full release in December 2017. The game was also released by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One via its Xbox Game Preview program that same month, and officially released in September 2018.

 A free-to-play mobile version for Android and iOS was released in 2018, in addition to a port for the PlayStation 4 Battlegrounds is one of the best-selling and  most - played video games of all time, selling over fifty million copies worldwide by June 2018, with over 400 million players in total when including the mobile version.

Battlegrounds received positive reviews from critics, who found that while the game had some technical flaws, it presented new types of gameplay that could be easily approached by players of any skill level and was highly replayable.

 The game was attributed to popularizing the battle royale genre, with a number of unofficial Chinese clones also being produced following its success. The game also received several Game of the Year nominations, among other accolades.

 PUBG Corporation has run several small tournaments and introduced in-game tools to help with broadcasting the game to spectators, as they wish for it to become a popular esports. The game has also been banned in some countries for allegedly being harmful and addictive to young players.


There are several seasons are released the latest season is updated on April 2020 Pubg Mobile update 0.18.0 . And the up coming update of 0.18.5 is on his way.

In these season updates of pubg mobile. The Game updates have some Royale pass to the player's in every seasons. The players have to achieve these passes with new gun skins and much more new things.

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2. What is the basic gameplay of the game (Pubg Mobile) ?

Basically the whole idea is 100 Player's are playing at a time there some bots also in the game. It's Your coice, You can play solo , duo or with a squad.

Most players like to play Squad and it's a truth that 90% of the players wants to reach Conqueror rank in squad.

You can reach Ace or Conqueror in solo so duo also.

But it's her/his choice nobody's have a right to say that. Go with one , two or four. Just kidding 😁 ohk now continue...

If you have teammates in your friends other wise game will select a squad for you.  There are two different modes that are officially provided by PUBG.  First person Prospective (FPP) and third person Prospective (TPP).

PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, comes with three game Modes – Classic, Arcade, EvoGround, Arctic, safety Scramble. In Classic, you will get four maps – Erangel, Miramar 2.0, Sanhok, and Vikendi. In Arcade, there is War, Mini-Zone, Quick Match, and Sniper Training, NEW updated training mode with mini games. 

You all have to jump on a island. There are 3 maps in the classic game.

  •    Erangel
  •    Miramar 2.0
  •    Sanhok
  •    Vikendi

1. Erangel

Erangel is a fictional island in the black sea abandoned near Russia where a military occupation was controlling it. The military occupation tested chemical/biological experiments on the local populace. After a resistance attack on a biological facility, the island had to be abandoned.

Is Erangel a real place?

The word Erangel comes the word Eryn which is apparently Playerunkown's Daughter. Erangel is a fictional Island in Player Unkown Battlegrounds situated somewhere near Russia.

Where is Erangel?

Erangel is the first playable map created for PLAYERUNKOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. It is a fictional Russian island located in the Black Sea.

How big is Erangel map?

 PUBG's Erangel Map. PUBG Erangel Map key things to know: Each large square represents 1 kilometre, and each smaller square within that is 100 metres, meaning the landmass of the map itself is actually only about 6km across.

Is Erangel based on Chernobyl ?

Yes. It is based on the town of Chernobyl, Ukraine. It is where the catastrophic nuclear accident took place in 1986. If you search for chernobyl on google images, you can find that many buildings in Erangel are similar to those in Chernobyl.

2. Miramar 2.0

Miramar is the 2nd playable map for BATTLEGROUNDS. Initially slated to be a 4x4 km map, Miramar is a 8x8km city-centric map with an open desert plain and rural areas. Development on this map began in July 2017, PUBG Corp used the official release update (1.0 update) to test Miramar in 3 rounds of testing phases. Last updated in 0.18.0 of PUBG MOBILE in season 13 royale pass.

Where is the best loot in Miramar?

So to help you increase your chances at victory, we have listed down 5 spots that will assure you a better loot on the map Miramar.

Water Treatment. You will find little to no players here, even though it is situated near the center of the map. ...

Campo Militar. ...
El Pozo. ...
Valle Del Mar. ...

Where is Miramar PUBG based on?

Miramar. Miramar is the second playable map created for PLAYERUNKOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. It is a fictional desert located in Mexico.

How big is Miramar?

Miramar and Erangel are the two biggest maps in the game, with both being 8×8 km in size. However, Miramar gives players more room to work with as 80% of the map is playable on land.

3. Sanhok

Sanhok is the third playable map introduced in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Inspired by the islands of Southeast Asia, Sanhok is a compact battleground a quarter the size of Erangel and Miramar at just 4km x 4km. Gear on Sanhok is of higher quality and more plentiful, meaning players can gear up faster.

Sanhok is one of the latest maps of PUBG Mobile, and it is also a small one, only 4×4 big. This means it offers intense combat and quicker action compared to other maps and requires different strategies. Sanhok is actually three “mini-islands” that are divided by two big canals, and its weather is constantly changing.

 Some Frequently asking questions about Sanhok

Is Sanhok a real place?

Ruins is a place in the Sanhok map and it is famous because of its very big house full of mazes. Well, friends, this place design is taken from the Marauk U Ruins, Myanmar, Asia. The cave is a small place is Sanhok but it is really amazing.

Where is the best loot in Sanhok?

PUBG Mobile: Best places to loot on Sanhok

Ruins. Located centrally on the map, you'll find it to be near the flight path most of the time. ...

Cave. The most fascinating structure on Sanhok is the Cave. ...

Bootcamp. This is the military base located in Sanhok. ...

Paradise Resort. This is another well-known location on the map.

Where is Sanhok located?

Sanhok is a map based within the Southeast Asia region.

How long is a Sanhok game?

The length of a match on Sanhok is substantially shorter than either of the 8×8 maps. Cutting a 30-minute match down to around 20 minutes-plus.

4. Vikendi

PUBG's Vikendi Map, is the game's first snow map, and one of its most unusual, with some unique features and playstyles specific to it.

PUBG Vikendi, the fourth playable snow map, is an isolated Northern resort island on the Adriatic Sea. At 6x6 km in size, it sits in the middle of Erangel and Sanhok. The snowy, festivities-inspired map became available on December 19th, 2018 and January 22nd, 2019 on PC and Xbox One/PS4 respectively.

Where is Vikendi in real life?

Located on the Northeastern coast of Vikendi, Trevno was a place where the poorer families of Vikendi went to live. Many of those who were lucky enough to have steady work were employed by the Zupan company, who hand stitched every dinosaur plushie sold by Dino Park.

Where is best loot in Vikendi?

PUBG Vikendi best drop locations

Castle. Castle is by far the most popular destination in Vikendi thus far, set to become to Vikendi what Hacienda is to Miramar (which you can find out more about in our PUBG Miramar guide). ...

Goroka. ...

Shacks to the south of Dobro Mesto. ...

Cosmodrome. ...

Hot Springs. ...

Dino Park.

How big is Vikendi map ?

Vikendi is PUBG's first 6 km by 6 km map, making it directly in-between the sizes of Sanhok, the game's newer smaller map, and Erangel, the original larger PUBG map. But it's more than size that makes Vikendi unique.

Is Vikendi bigger than Erangel ?

although it's smaller than Erangel or Miramar, PUBG Vikendi snow map packs in just as much detail if not more. This is because its terrain is varied. There are mountains, open fields, and frozen lakes.

3. How to become Conqueror in Pubg Mobile ?

There are many good players in the Pubg mobile, but they want to master this game. If you are one of them, have a dream to get all the rewards and Royale passes of every seasons.

Every Gamer have this ultimate goal is to reach Conqueror rank in their gaming journey.

This guide of Pro tips and tricks Pubg Mobile will give step by step instructions how to become a Conqueror in Pubg Mobile.

There are Five step by step instructions to become a Pro Pubg Player ;

  •   knowledge about the Game.
  •   Your Own Convenient Settings.
  •   Learn the Claw method 
  •   speed up
  •   Always try new upcoming tricks

knowledge about the Game.

When I'm talking about the knowledge of Player's unknown battle ground. Then it means you have to know everything like settings , modes , gameplays.

Pubg has the millions of user but their is a point to be notice.

Why only 10% of Player's reach in Conqueror rank or Ace ?

For this you can check out some YouTubers live streams or Gameplays.
Here are some YouTube channels were you can get lots of daily updates. And every latest tricks about the game.

These are Top 10 Pubg Mobile YouTube Steamers :

  1. SOUL Mortal
  1. Panda
  1. Biu Biu
  1. Athena Gaming
  1. RRQ D2E
  1. Coffin
  1. Levinho
  1. Rollexxx
  1. IzZo
  1. BTR Zuxxy

Your Own Convenient Settings.

Settings are something that everyone is ignore them because they don't Know the real value of them. In the game but one thing is very important while playing is your own convenient settings. Yes buddy it's really means a lot when it's comes to playing like pro settings are more important than other things.

    So whenever you start to do your settings. Do it very carefully and try to set every single mode and settings as your convenience. Because in the end you will realize that settings in your way give the most danger speed and control in your game play you ever had.

   Here are some settings example that will help you to know about your settings. Don't copy as it is but try to know every single settings one by one and try your self and do it as your convenience. And practice to own these settings while playing.

Set up of Biu Biu Pubg Mobile

Claw Set up of Biu Biu Pubg Mobile

           As you can see there is firing buttons are on left hand side and other settings are in right like lean , scope in , backpack, crouch, reload and jump etc.

            So with this Claw setup you can do everything like I told you about on my previous articles. You can do Top secret drills for practice in Pubg Mobile to become a Pro 

- Basic  Settings of Pubg Mobile

Here you can see the basic settings of Biu Biu. you will know the correct settings that he use for this setup. But you can change as for your like and comfort. learn the basic of your settings, from these legends. Like biu biu.

- Points to be Reminded in Basic Settings 

  • Crosshair Color - Yellow.
  • Aim Assist - Enabled.
  • Blocked Sight Warning - Enabled.
  • Bolt - Action Rifle & Crossbow Firing Mode - Tap.
  • Shotgun Firing Mode - tap.
  • Quick Scope Switch - Enabled.
  • Peek and Fire - Enabled.
  • Peek and Open Scope- Enabled.
  • Lean Mode - tap.
  • scope mode - tap.
  • Display Left - side fire button - Always on.
  • Gyroscope - Always on.
  • Auto - open doors - Disable. 
  • Healing Prompt - Enabled.
  • Play Emotes - Disable.
  • Damage effect - Red.

  Graphics in Pubg Mobile ?

- Graphics Settings of  Pubg Mobile

- Points to be reminded in Graphics Setting 

 • Graphics - Smooth
 • Frame Rate - Extreme
 • Main Menu - Colorful
 • Anti-Aliasing - Disable
 • Brightness - 120%
 • Non-Standard Screen - Normal
 • Auto adjust Graphics - Disable

Graphics are very important were I will suggest you to do as show in the pictures . Because there is so many peoples who are suffering from lagging problem. So this settings for smoothing your game. After this setting you can play flawlessly .

 Sensitivity settings ?

- These are Sensitivity Settings of  Pubg Mobile. 

Some of the best settings ever in a Pubg Mobile Controls. I have define every single things in key points. So you just have to look these points and do as it or as you are comfortable.

Points to be reminded in Sensitivity Settings 

Overall - Customize

 Camera Sensitivity

1. 3rd Person - 130%
2. Camera - 130%
3. 1st Person Camera - 130%


1. 3rd Person No Scope - 170%
2. 1st Person No Scope - 170%
3. Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist -         50%
4. 2x Scope - 70%
5. 3x Scope - 25%
6. 4x ACOG Scope, VSS - 25%
7. 6x Scope - 20%
8. 8x Scope - 16%

ADS Sensitivity

1. 3rd Person No Scope - 100%
2. 1st Person No Scope - 100%
3. Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist -         51%
4. 2x Scope - 51%
5. 3x Scope - 35%
6. 4x ACOG Scope, VSS - 35%
7. 6x Scope - 18%
8. 8x Scope - 30%


1. 3rd Person No Scope - 114%
2. 1st Person No Scope - 115%
3. Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist -         300%
4. 2x Scope - 300%
5. 3x Scope - 160%
6. 4x ACOG Scope, VSS - 140%
7. 6x Scope - 110%
8. 8x Scope - 500%

Sensitivity settings are also very important while doing setup be careful about your percentages .

In Bonus here are the Pick Up Settings of Pubg Mobile.

There are some main points showed in below the screenshots. For your convenience, I'm sure there points will help you while setting up your own Controls of Pubg Mobile.

-   Points to be reminded in Pick Up Settings 

  • Auto Pick Up - Disable
  • Stop Auto pick-up while list is collapsed - Disable
  • Auto pick-up Pistols - Enable
  • Auto pick-up Lv.3 Backpacks - Enable

Set ammo pickup limit (same ammo type will be stacked)

• AKM (7.62mm) - 60
• M16A4 (5.56mm) - 313
• SCAR-L (5.56mm) - 313
• M416 (5.56mm) - 315
• GROZA (7.62mm) - 90
• AUG (7.62mm) - 316
• QBZ (5.56mm) - 314
• M762 (7.62mm) - 80

Recovery items Pick-Up Limit

• Med Kit - 0
• First Aid Kit - 4
• Bandages - 5
• Energy Drinks - 10
• Painkillers - 2
• Adrenaline Syringe - 1

Grenade Pick up limit

• Frag Grenade - 3
• Smoke Grenade - 3
• Molotov Cocktail - 1
• Stun Grenade - 0

Scope Pick Up Limit

• 2x Scope - 1
• 3x Scope - 1
• 4x Scope - 1
• 6x Scope - 1
• 8x Scope - 1

          After the every setup try it in practise mode were you can make it perfect . While practising the claw. As I said before this is only about your Muscles Memory.

             Practise makes man perfect do practise and . Follow the setup and be connected , I hope this will help you this time while rank pushing.

Learn the Claw method

Claw is a very sensitive method to play in Pubg Mobile. Basically claw is a smartphone setup for play Pubg Mobile. There are so many articles and videos but no body explain about how can you use it efectfully and properly.

 Compete Guide of 4 finger Claw

 For understanding the Claw, first we have to know the fundamentals of claw. It's all about how much do you know your own convenient controls. How you can use your controls by three, four or more fingers. It's comes with lots of practice so if you want to learn Claw.

 First you have to set up your  convenience Claw  controls. By looking others as examples or make your own.

Speed up

To become a Pro player in Pubg Mobile. You have have to acquire some skills . 
        For this you have to do some drills in practice mode. Because it's all about your knowledge of your claw setup , you have to build your muscles memory . 

          It will be very helpful for you if you want to play like a pro . Everybody does it . So there is some drills for you to practice in Practice mode.

There are three main points you have to focus for these drills :-

1. Sniping

2. AR & DMR

3. Weapons Switching


        In sniping you have to practice with a sniper rifle in these points-

  •   Aiming
  •   Headshots
  •   Flicks
  •   Peeking
  •   Quick scoping
  •   No scope

2. AR & DMR .

         In AR & DMR you have to practice with AR & DMR in these points-

  •   Spray Controls
  •   Crouch & Peeking
  •   Single Tap 
  •   Reaction Time


These are some drips footage for practice.

Top secret drills for practice in Pubg Mobile to become a Pro

Always try new upcoming tricks

The unknown Pubg Mobile top 10 tricks of 2020 that will improve the quality of your game. These 10 glitches or the tricks will blow your mind. If you know these tricks nobody can ever kill you in the game.

So, if you are a Pubg Mobile player or you want to play, then read this article carefully. Because this article will gonna change your mind set. And give you an extraordinary advantage in your game.

These tricks or glitches series are the most unrated tricks. After reading this full article share this with your squad.  I'm sure you and your squad will get various amount of chicken dinners in the game ( Player's unknown battle ground). So if you are interested in these secret tricks of pubg mobile tricks read and try with your squad.

These days Pubg Mobile is became more dangerous because of lots pro player's. If you had any small mistake and you are gone in that position, if have some glitches you have an extra opportunity. That can give a chance to beat your competition.

4. Future Of The Pubg Mobile ?

In past several years gaming industry is evolved exponentially. We had seen lots of success stories of gamers. 

The future of PUBG MOBILE in gaming community is actually very bright. If you too want to use Pubg Mobile as a carrier option than its a good plateform for gamers.

There are many ways to use Pubg Mobile as a carrier. Here are two amazing plateforms here you can start with.

  1. YouTube
  2. Gaming Blog

1. YouTube

Starting your carrier with Pubg Mobile in YouTube is really awesome. But at same time hard to get also. So if you are Pro Player of PUBG MOBILE you can start with live streaming. And if you are an average than start with gameplays

Try to record a good game play, in starting phase you had to face some problem by doing this. You will have some struggle in your starting days.

Even it's take a full day or one full week to record a good game play. But don't stop continue this YouTube also take time to give results.

You can watch tutorials videos how to grow your channel.

Or you can make videos like these in your Channels:

  • Tips and tricks
  • Comedy
  • Updates Review


2. Gaming Blog

If you like to write about gaming than, you can also start a carrier in gaming blogging.

You can write about your technique for playing pubg Mobile.

Your experience about Pubg Mobile or latest news of the game. Review updates or game plays, latest trends.

You can do affiliate marketing with Amazon or other shopping company who give affiliate program for marketing.

There are only one thing that can help to succeed in blogging is your dedication , passion , regularity and very important pasance.

Pubg mobile top 10 tricks series - 1 || Hidden places for surprise attack & Glitches of 2020.

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In this article I tried to explain about some points mentioned here ;

Pubg Mobile Pro Tips and tricks How to Become Conqueror In Pubg Mobile Proven Tips and tricks Guide by Pro's 2020  

  1. What is pubg (Players unknown battle ground) ?
  2. What is the basic gameplay of the game (Pubg Mobile) ?
  3. How to become Pro in Pubg Mobile ?
  4. What is future of the Pubg Mobile ?
Hope you guys learn more new things from the help of this article.

If you find this helpful do share with your teammates and friends.

And give your previous feedback in comment section. 

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