Pubg mobile top 10 tricks series - 1 || Hidden places for surprise attack & Glitches of 2020.

The unknown Pubg Mobile top 10 tricks of 2020 that will improve the quality of your game. These 10 glitches or the tricks will blow your mind. If you know these tricks nobody can ever kill you in the game.

So, if you are a Pubg Mobile player or you want to play, then read this article carefully. Because this article will gonna change your mind set. And give you an extraordinary advantage in your game.

These tricks or glitches series are the most unrated tricks. After reading this full article share this with your squad.  I'm sure you and your squad will get various amount of chicken dinners in the game ( Player's unknown battle ground). So if you are interested in these secret tricks of pubg mobile tricks read and try with your squad.

These days Pubg Mobile is became more dangerous because of lots pro player's. If you had any small mistake and you are gone in that position, if have some glitches you have an extra opportunity. That can give a chance to beat your competition.
So let's begin our journey of Top 10 Tricks series of Pubg Mobile. With lots of new information and glitches of the game in 2020.

Trick No. 1
Prone on water

In this pubg mobile trick you have to go in water town or water city of Erangel map. You have to stand on near this shade and tap the punch and prone button like showing as in the info graphic picture.
Here you go now you are invisible nobody will notice you here. Make sure that you can't move your camera under water so you have to move the eye button to see every were, And you can use the jaw button to move.

From this place you can easily kill your enemy. This place will be game changing if the circle end on this place.

Trick No. 2
Hidden place for surprise attack in prison

In this pubg mobile trick I will take you in prison there you will see an awesome place to hide for surprise attack. You all have seen this tower in prison there is a tree in front of the tower. Our hidden place is in the tree, to go that place. First of all you have to go on the top of this tower and then climb on the tree.
Here you go another superb hidden place as you can see on the pictures. Your 80% of the body part are invisible in this place. And now you can kill anybody who are coming there. There is also a picture showing a kill from this place.

One thing keep on mind that when you have to come down then don't jump direct. You have to jump carefully , and try to jump as your body will touching by the tree. In that case you will get little low damage, otherwise if you jump direct it's possible that you can get knocked.

Trick No. 3
Firing under water

Yes guys you can fire under water with buggy. It's possible only when you go under water with a buggy. When you go under water with buggy you will notice that you can breathe easily. There is no lungs sign on the screen. Try to don't go deep on water and change the seat. When you must change the seat you will found that now you can fire from under water.
As showing on the infographic image.
This is also a great pubg trick for surprise attack.

Trick No. 4
Killing from roof

For this pubg mobile trick you have go in to the school apartments. These apartments are in front of school you have seen them so much time. But the trick I will tell you now, it's totally crazy.
First of all you need a teammate for this trick. In these apartments enemies are always camping in the second floor stairs. If you go directly to second floor by stairs, there is chances that enemy can kill you.

So here is the pubg mobile trick were you can easily kill them. And they never find out how and from were you kill them. For this trick you have to open the door to the outside. From ground floor then you have to stand your teammate as you can see on the pictures. Then you have to climb on the door.
Here you go now as you can see , you are on the roof of the ground floor. Were you can easily spot the position of your enemy, but they can't see you. And you can kill them.

Trick No. 5
Carrying Dacia on boat

If you are in Novo and you are in emergency. I mean if there is so much rush and you are left alone of your squad. Or you have to skip from blue zone then. If you want to ho from river by a boat then you can also carry your Dacia with you. As you can see in the picture, it's easy to carry the Dacia in the boat.

So that when you reach on the other side, you don't have to find a new vehicle. Because you already have one, try this pubg mobile trick in emergency  or in any suggestion.

Trick No. 6
How to use AR gun on bike

If are a regular player of pubg mobile you would know that. While on bike you can only use SMG not AR.
In this pubg mobile trick you will see that, how you can use AR guns while sitting on a bike.

First of all before get in to bike you to open pan in your hand. After they you have to tap both the buttons of AR and get in together at a time.
Now you can see that you have AR in your hand now you can easily spray or scope in by AR.

You can also use this trick to open sniper also . This trick will help you when you don't have any other vehicles. Make sure you have a pan with you while doing this pubg mobile trick.

Trick No. 7
Shoot direct from wall

In this pubg mobile trick you can kill your enemy from behind the wall.
For this trick when ever you are in a situation like this. First go close to the wall now open your ADS and shoot while shaking your camera up and down . By doing this you can knocked your enemy behind the wall.
This trick will help you when you are in last circle.

Trick No. 8
Surprise attack in Novo squad house

This pubg mobile trick is in the squad house of Novo. This squad house is a very popular in Novo lots of people are camping here most of the time. If you enter in this house surprisingly that will help you so much. So first you have to go to back side of this squad house, you'll see some water tanks behind the house. Now you have to climb on top of these tanks and last jump to the house. Booommmm...
Here you are in the house now you can easily kill your enemy they don't have any idea how you go there.

Trick No. 9
Surprising entry in second floor

This pubg mobile trick is only happened in one squad house of georgopol. This squad house is located in outside of georgopol.
Fist you have to go to the first floor then open this door in side. Then stand one of your teammate behind the door, so that door can't close and you get a surface to float. And boommm...
Guys now you are the second floor. Now your enemies are shocked how you reach there.
Make sure try this trick only in this house, this trick is happening in this squad house only.

Trick No. 10
Surprise attack in military base C building

This pubg mobile trick will happen on the C building of military base first you have to the top floor of this building and then open the door. You need a teammate who has to stand behind the door. Then climb on the door and boommm...
You are in the position were you can easily spot your enemies and you also can shoot them and kill.


In that above I will try to explain the top 10 Pubg Mobile Tricks and glitches of 2020 series.
There are some key points to remember and conclude the article.

  1. Prone on water

  • tap the punch and prone button.
  • you can't move your camera under water so you have to use the eye button to see every were.
  • This Pubg Mobile Trick will happen only in water city of Erangel map.

  2. Hidden place for surprise attack in prison.

  • This trick is only happen in Prison of Erangel map.
  • Try this trick when you have a teammate with you. Because while jumping from the tree, there is chance to get knocked. so you need a teammate to revive you.
  • Make sure your body is stick to the tree or as close as possible while jumping from the tree. It will prevent you from damage.

  3. Firing under water.

  • Make sure you have buggy while doing this Pubg Mobile trick.
  • There is no problem of breathing while doing this trick.
  • Change the seat to fire from water.

  4. Killing from roof.

  • This is a glitch of Pubg Mobile.
  • To try this trick go to the three storey buildings near school.
  • You will need a teammate to do this trick.
  • Don't worry about your head is showing through the roof. Because they can't see from there.
  • Careful about the enemies position while doing this trick.

  5. Carrying Dacia on a boat.

  • This Pubg Mobile trick will happen in Novo.
  • Use this trick in when you are in rush.
  • Use this trick when you are solo or when you only left of your squad.

  6. Use AR guns while sitting on a bike.

  • You will need a teammate to ride the bike while doing this trick.
  • Make sure you have a pan with your hand before get in to the bike.
  • You have to tap both the buttons together  GET IN & AR.
  • you can use that trick when you don't have any other vehicles except bike.

  7. Shoot direct from the wall.

  • Stick to the wall while using this glitch.
  • Shake camera while shooting.
  • Try to get exact position of the enemies before using this glitch.

  8. Surprise attack in Novo's popular squad house.

  • This trick is only for that particular squad house of Novo.
  • Get the exact position of the enemies while doing this trick. If they are in the window don't do this. If they spot you while climbing on the tanks they alert and kill you.

  9. Surprise entry in second floor of squad house.

  • This Pubg Mobile glitch is only happen in squad house near georgopol containers.
  • You need a teammate to stand behind the door.
  • Get the exact location of your enemies before using this glitch.

  10. Surprise attack in military base C building.

  • This Pubg Mobile glitch is happening in the military base C building of Erangel map.
  • You need a teammate to stand behind the door. 
  • Use this glitch in the top floor of the C building.

These are the strong points that will help you while doing all the Pubg Mobile top 10 tricks. Try these trick and comment your favourite tricks or glitches in the comment section of the blog. And share this amazing trick and glitches series with your teammates and friends. 

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Hope you guys having fun and learn something new from this article have a great gaming experience.

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