How to get Free Rename ID Cards for Pubg Mobile

Do you also want a free rename ID card in pubg mobile?
Pubg mobile can I change my Name ?Then you are in the correct place. Because I will give you a rename card for your pubg account absolutely free. I have an awesome idea were you can easily get a rename ID card free.

Guys I also want it for my account that's why I tried to get it and I had three now in free so want to share with you so can also get a free rename I'd card. With this I.D card you change your name in Pubg mobile. If you buy this card you have to pay Rs.180. But with this trick which I give you now. You will have this free.

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What is a rename ID card in Pubg Mobile?

       Rename ID is a card which will help you in the game of Playerunknown's Battleground in short PUBG. This card is used to change the name of your account in Pubg Mobile. To get it you have to do some achievement or you can also buy it from from shop.

 There are so many players who don't want to reveal there identity in public. Most of the YouTubers also use ID cards or Rename cards for random games. This help them to hide there real identity in the game.

Most of the players want to get these cards but don't know how. This post is only for them because lake of information they can't get these advantage. So there are a method were you can get this ID card free.

So there are the tutorial were you can get step by step instructions to get a free Rename ID cards in Pubg Mobile with screenshots.

How to Get Free Rename ID Card

First of all you have to go to the process mission were will see two mission are not completed most of the players not completed the mission yet. That are 9 and 10 there you will see level 10 has a Rename ID Card. You have to complete these mission to get this Rename ID cards.

First go to your home screen now go to chat and then click on it.

You have to to the last option of the left hand side of the screen . There is a option to create a chatroom . Go there and create a chat room.

After that exit from it and enter again then send a text to your own chat room.

Done have successfully completed the 9 and 10 mission now go to the progress mission   you will see there  your 9 and 10 mission was completed now you just have to collect it.

So here are your Rename ID cards you can use it when you want to.

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