Best Places For Birthday Cakes in Pubg Mobile || #1 Tittle

In this article I gonna tell you about best places were you can find Birthday Cakes in Pubg. And complete your achievement of #1/100 Tittle in Pubg Mobile.

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#1 Title

Basically it's a title Pubg giving to us when find 6 Pubg Birthday cakes and celebrate it. It's a new thing added in Pubg Mobile after completing 1 year.
It's a permanent achievement Tittle of #1 by Pubg Mobile.

So let's start the main topic were you can find these cakes . First of all I want to tell you it's not that easy if you found accidentally then it's fine . And when try to search it it's become difficult to find it.

Because they frequently change it's position every time. So if are you want to take this title and want to Know were you can get these cakes in the game . Then you are in the right place.

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In the end of the article I will show you the title how it's look like when you complete your achievement.

So Let's begin.

Best Places For Birthday Cakes in Pubg Mobile

These are the main locations in every map in pubg where you can find the birthday cake to complete your achievement of #1 Tittle.

1. Erangel

In Erangel map were most of the players like to play. You can get this cake easily on these areas:

1. Church in Yasnaya
2. Red building Outside Yasnaya near big prison building
3. Ban House outside pochinki
4. Military base big house near tree big buildings.
5. Pochinki Church
6. Farm double Ban house


In this map you can find most obvious places were cakes was found. Little Positions change but cake was there when ever I go there.

1. Port
2. Villa
3. Castle
4. Dino Park

3. Sanhok

Sanhok is a very small map in compair to others but you can also celebrate Birthday cake in these locations.

1. Boot camp
2. cave
3. docks

4. Miramar

In Miramar also have some places were cakes are found . So you can also complete your achievement in these places.

 1. El pozo
 2. Puerto Paraìso
 3. La Cobreria

And one last thing like I said before they always change the position of cakes. To make it hard to complete the achievement. So try to check all the near places of the mentioned places when you can't found it in the exact location.

So Best of luck for your #1 Tittle , if you found it helpful then please help us also to subscribe and like comment our website.

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In that above I will try to explain how you can get cakes for #1 Tittle Achievement if you have any doubt or any questions or is there more Places were also you found Pubg Mobile Birthday Cakes then Comment there I will give shout out to them in our next Articles. 

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