Best way of Sniping in Pubg Mobile

Hello guys welcome to our Pubg Pro Gyaan. So in this article we will learn best possible way to become a perfect Sniper. We gonna learn everything about Sniping.

The following topics we gonna cover ;

What you need to become Sniper ?
What is the best sensitivity for Sniping ?
How to practice ?
Let's begin...!!

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Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

For Sniping we need Sniper rifles there are basically 3 bolt action rifle in the Players Unknown's Battleground game.

1. AWM
2. M24
3. Kar 98k's

These are the bolt action rifle were you can actually does sniping . In you can also some Sniper guns but they are not bolt action Sniper. So we are not discuss about them . We gonna focus on the main thing and learn it perfectly . This will be good for at a time . Ohk there is also so many Articles were you can know what is sniper rifle ? How they work and other just copy them and post in there websites.

So this article will be unique for because we are only try to learn Sniping here . We are not going to describe you the full defth information about guns.

In shot , we will learn here how to use the Sniper to breaks the heads of enemies. What we called headshots.


First of all I will strongly Recommend you to use Suppressor with 8X or 6X or 4X  this is enough for bolt action Sniping.

If you don't found these things attached what you have.

Claw Set up of Biu Biu Pubg Mobile


After the some short knowledge about Sniper and the attachment we start using Sniper rifle but when it actually comes the right time for Sniping we miss our shots . Because  lack of knowledge about sensitivity .
Yes it's really a very important chapter in Sniping it's not that were you can copy someones sensitivity and you done.

No baby this not how it's work if really want to become a good Sniper and be like other Players . Every one who are a good Sniper is really doing there best to gain knowledge about there settings.

In other words you can call it your perfect speed and controls accuracy with the accurate sensitivity setting.

If the sensitivity of your movement is more fast according to your movement, then you will have a lot of difficulty in targeting. And if it is quite slow then leave it to kill your enemies, you will not be able to target them.

So now you guys might have gotten to the guess that the sensitivity is dependent on your accuracy , which makes you target well.

Ideal Sensitivity setting 

Everyone's speed is different, if someone is less of someone is more, then you have to set your sensitivity in the same way.

Set Your Sensitivity

In order to know your sensitivity, you have to go to the training mode and there you will have to aim the moving targets and match with there speed , so you will know what your right sensitivity is.

For this you have to do this  separately with different scopes like start with 8X then 6X after that you can also use other scopes if you want to.

Bullet Drops

Every Sniper rifle has different buttet drops . There is no other way to correct the bullet drop in the game. You have to make an estimate by yourself and aim at the right place. There is no bullet Drops in between 100 metres. So if you want to master in aiming there is only way keep practicing.

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