Pubg Mobile 3 secret Locations : can make you invisible in game

The 3 secret places in pubg mobile that will make you invisible. Want to know these Pubg Mobile secrets? these all pubg mobile Secret Locations are hot drops of the game.

    Let's start all these three secret places are in the Erangel Map. That too in all hot drop where you'll die with descending. But after you know all these secret places you can disappear and comfortably kill all your enemies easily.

    These Pubg Mobile secrets will amazed you. It's going to be interesting so just be there to the end.

Erangel Map's three secret hot drop invisible places are -

  1. Military Base
  2. Novorepnoye (Novo)
  3. Prison

1. Military Base

    As you all may know the same, Military Base is a highly crowded area. You can't feel safe anywhere. But not after today, I'll tell you today about a secret place of Military Base that nobody would know about. And you go there and disappear, means no one will be able to see you. But you can easily kill everyone.
    Yes, friends, this is the place. When  you will go , the other houses enemies kill you. But from today I have a plan and suggestion for you. You'll have to get up to this house by calling yourself everyone, by free fire, and then everyone will be try to rush you and you will kill them all.

You'll see that thing on picture inside the house, you'll have to climb over it.

Next, climb one more time. And where are you now, this is the inner Roof of this house. Now you can kill anyone from here, no matter how much pro players , no one can kill you.

2. Novorepnoye (Novo)

    So let 's go to another secret place that is in novo. You may also know that novo is a hot drop, where lots of people come. But here too, I would like to tell you guys a secret place from where you can kill everybody but nobody will see you.

    Our secret place is in top of this garage. Yes but to go up you won't be seeing any ladders. Don't worry you have to fly now. I'm sorry, I mean would have to jump. First of all you have to climb on top of the tower next to it.

     Then climb on the poll of the tower  now you have to take a running jump from this place to the garage.

    and you will be there and no one will be able to see you, after prone. But you can see all of them and kill them easily. You will be covered from the side walls and that will protect you from fires.

    But it's a secret place when you have to reveal your location you will kill all those enemies.

3. Prison

    There is a place of prison, I have told you earlier in my second article also PUBG MOBILE 3 secrets || Tips and Tricks 2019. So if you want to know the whole detail, you can go there and read it.

    Prison is also a place where it's quite easy to find someone. You can kill the enemies of bottom if you're on top of the houses. but anyone can beat you too from the top of the mountains near buildings.
    But it's a place between mountains on the fine side of that red building of prison. Where you will go and disappear, no one can see you. But you can fire them from there and also can nerd as shown in this picture.

New update : 0.12.0 New Update and maintenance break Pubg Mobile


   That was the three secret Spaces that could make you disappear into the game. If you use it correctly in the right time.

    I hope you liked about all the secret places, explained by us , if you liked it, please give us a comment.

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