3 Pubg Mobile Secret Tricks : Wall Nerd Hacks

Today, we will discuss about 3 Pubg Mobile secrets tricks. And also about wall hacks for granade. That game wont tell you. Basically these are some glitches of the game. But can use them as advantage.

Last trick will gonna amazed you as always. When I know about this trick I also got socked at first.

And don't believe on this trick, but my curiosity will take me to the game and when I try this trick I really got amazed. And can't stop my self to write about it.

So let's bring you to the main point the 3 most amazing secret tricks of Pubg mobile. Very few people are know about these secret tricks;

1. How you can climb on a tree in the game.
2. How to take TPP of terrace and how to go there by balcony
3. Granade through from wall 

So , let's start with explaining these topics so that you can understand . What exactly I'm trying to say is. I will show you some GIF's as examples so you can understand better.

1. How you can climb on a tree on the game.

       Are you excited because most players always want a place like this. Imagine if you can do this you can kill your enemies from the tree . It's funny right , but this will be possible now. So first of all I want to tell you that you can climb on any tree near houses. Or if there is no houses you can climb on that tree also, you only have to require a car.

First take a car and take it next to the tree. Now climb on the top of your car and climb one more time. After one or two try you can do this easily. 

Yes there is a one dark side too, if someone see this car behind the tree will know about your location.

I will give you one example by this GIF picture. were you can climb on the house and tree very easily without showing your car. 

2. How to take TPP of terrace and how to go there by balcony

So there is also a simple answer, you can go to the roof of any house buildings. If they having a balcony of without roof. But if there is any enemies on the terrace then you have to take TPP before go there, you see this house on the picture. 

That kind of houses are easily found on hot drops like Pochinki , ruins etc. These houses are best for camping on the terrace. Because there is a place behind the door. Were no one can take TPP of yours. 

But as always we have a solution for this also. You just have to go to the second floor of this building and then the balcony. Climb on the pipe of the balcony and now climb on the door. Now you can easily spot your enemy's location. Now you know better what to do with them.

Now last but not least the best trick of today.

3. Wall hack : Granade through from wall

Yup you heard right you can now through granade. Through the wall 
just try once than believe me . For this you have to stick to the wall of any house. And make sure you have to selected it on low toss then just through it.

       And it will go into the house or you can even through it from the house also. No matter what you have if it's a smoke , Molli, stun or Granade. You can do this trick with anyone of these.

There is a GIF were you can get an idea that how you can do it.

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 So these are the three secret pubg mobile tricks that could give you advantage in the game. If you use it correctly while playing.

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