0.12.0 New Update and maintenance break EvoGround Pubg Mobile

Guys today we talk about -what are the new updates are of this  0.12.0 new update EvoGround pubg mobile?  So basically today there is come our new maintenance Break notification in our home screen of pubg mobile. All details about what are the new updates Pubg EvoGround ?

Like you guys already know that pubg mobile has completed there 1 year. And as well celebrating with birthday cakes and all with all Like #1/100 Tittle . Now this update will be change this that 1 year theme. And a new fresh start as always like we have a notification of new maintenance break of 0.12.0 .


As you all know in the maintenance break pubg mobile go offline. We can't play in that time and in this notification this is mentioned that the maintenance will be on 16th of April 00.00 to 08.00 . And the update will most probably comes on 17th of April on our Android and iOS devices. And there also have have a gift for us , we update before 23rd of April.

In recent updates of 0.11.5 has so many new features that's why . We face various types of glitches and problems after update. That's why in this update we will see less new things in comparison to the 0.11.5 update. But we also gonna see some amazing new features that we discuss in above. So guys are excited for the new update?

If this update will fill our need or requirements? 

I must say Pubg mobile is really a revolutionary game of this century. This game is improving day by day . Means are you spectated the game from the beginning this game changed a lot. And there is frequently getting better and better.

What is the real need of a regular player of this game . Is that update gonna bring that with this update will see this. There is a measure problem that we are facing day by day it's going bigger. That is hacking there is lots of hacker in the game. We noticed that nowadays the amount of hackers are growing. 

This will ruining the real game play experience of the genius players. Who play game passionately or as for fun. So hope these updates will bring some features that will reduce that will reduce that amount of the hackers. Or get any other way so this is the thing that we compare with the new updates of 0.12.0 of pubg mobile. 

We hope so in this new update we gonna see some interesting new features. And I must say the developers of the game are really doing hard to give the best experience to the users. And these regular updates are blow us with the new features and also increase the level of the excitement.

So Pubg Mobile is going offline on 16th of April 2019 from 00:00:00 to 08:00:00(UTC).

The main features of this update are.

EvoGround Pubg Mobile.

- All new modes will be under this category Darkest night.

    So basically this is a new mode will gonna added in the game so this will be really exciting for us. 

- Stay alive for one night while fighting with zombie Survive Till Down.

     Yup guys like we know in zombies mode there is a time periods were players have to play on both  day and night modes. And zombies are more powerful and comes on at the night. But after this new update of 0.12.0 you have to survive full one night fighting with the zombies.

- New weapons, monster and systems. Difficulty has also been tuned

     So, guys this is also for zombies mode and yup as they said about weapon. there is a new weapon RPG-7  basically it's a rocket launcher
And some new monster also will be there

 As these new system comes on zombies mode I would say , this will really gonna increase the difficulty level in the Survive Till Down.

-Players can now spectate matches of their friends, crew or clan members and adjust Spectator Mode privacy settings.

     So this is gonna be great feature of the pubg mobile because now you can spectate matches of your friends and crew or clan members. So if there anybody who played Class of clans who will know this feature . Because you can also see there if someone of your friends going to attack on someones base. 

- Portable closet can be swapped on combat.

       So this gonna be really interesting because this it's really new when . Basically we change closets after or before fights or from crates. They mentioned here swapped while on combat. I think it means we can change our portable closet with teammates while close fights.      

-Added Spring Theme and Treasure event.

      This is the last update that will change the mood . And remove the 1 year theme and replace spring theme in the game and Treasure events . Like events are always been there in the game some new events will also come with this update of 0.12.0 in Pubg Mobile.

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In this article we try to give you an review of the new update 0.12.0 of pubg mobile. So I hope the new spectate features will really reduce the hackers. And also write your need and review of yours in this update.

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