PUBG MOBILE 3 secrets || Tips and Tricks 2019

In today's article we are coming with Top 3 Pubg Mobile secrets Places. With this Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks you can be invisible in the game and also kill your enemy . Nobody know these three amazing secret tricks.

Benefits of these Pubg Mobile secrets

If you use these three tricks in Pubg game you can easily win and get chicken dinners.
What is these tricks ?
How you can use it ?
-Will tell you everything stay connected and read the full article .


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-(These tricks are shows you on pro players games on YouTube or any other platforms but one will taught you these things exactly.)

So let's come in to the main topic.


         You are right guys our first secret place is in PRISON  this is the place were most of the time circle ends, the last zone . And also lots of the time played place in Arcade mode in PRISON.

Hidden Place in PRISON    

    This Red house is a highlighted place were Players can easily spot you and kill you. But there is a secret place were nobody can see you . In this Info graphic picture you can clearly see the main spot. This is the place with red round circle.

It's a simple corner of the mountain . There is little gap and there is a small place were you can go and sit there. See in the third picture this is almost invisible .

And suppose if you have a Gilli shoot no one can spot you and you can fire them or nerd them and get the kills.

Don't forget to use it when you go to prison next time. And if last circle is in Prison you have a advantage now.


         Our second trick is also in PRISON . In prison you can see lots of warehouses in one place but you can't see any ladders to go up on the roof of the warehouses. Watch this picture from bottom to top.



 So there is our trick were you can go to the roof of the warehouses easily.
  As you can see there is a little tower near the warehouses . First of all you have to climb up on the tower.

Then you have to jump to the roof of the warehouse.There you are, and if you want to go the another warehouses just jump there.

    It's a trick were you can kill hidden enemies in warehouse they will never expect you on the top in that place. So use this too when you go to Prison next time.


       So now you will know the last but not the least trick of our this article. You all already know about the Three storey buildings of Pubg Mobile. You can see these buildings near school.


             There you can see if someone will know your location and rush on you . What you can do every one in that time go to the stairs.  And waiting for the enemies to come.
        But the enemies come to you and kill you but you didn't have any idea. That how they killed you. So there is a plus point trick for you.

     That you can see in the picture, In the building you can go out from the building by window. And carefully go to that place.

    Were the pictures showing, Now you can easily spot and take TPP and also kill them very easily they will shocked and you got your kills. You can kill full squad from there.


So I told you all the 3 secret tricks and secret places were enemies can't find you. hope you guys like our Article.

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- (So we are going to give you some tips, following which you can increase your kills and even increase the chances of your chicken dinner.Most people nowadays have playing pubg mobile but , they ignore some important things . That's why they failled to take chicken dinners.)

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