Maintenance Break Pubg Mobile 0.11.5 New Update Is Here

Maintenance Break Pubg Mobile 0.11.5 New Update Is Here
Maintenance Break Pubg Mobile 0.11.5 New Update Is Here


The new update of Pubg Mobile 0.11.5 is here . And the new maintenance break arrived in the game . There every details of this new update.


Hello and welcome guys in this my new article . #Pubg Pro Gyaan

Friends Today's Article will going to be awesome . So stay connected to it guys. This article is about the most awaited update of Pubg Mobile 0.11.5 . The maintenance break has arrived in the game it means . You will see the update on may be tomorrow or 21st of March .

So we are giving here full details of the new update so read the full article . I'm damn sure after this Article you don't have any questions about the new update of Pubg Mobile 0.11.5 .

So Let's Start the article without delay.

Firstly will be talk about some new updates that you don't have any information or not clear about. So let's talk about these things first.

 New features of 0.11.5

1. So basically if you buy elite pass in this season then you will get Cash back of 600 UC . If you reach 90 RP do the mission. Then the 600 UC of your will be cash back.

2. As you already know Pubg Mobile has Completed his 1 year. Because of this we are getting to see some anniversary updates.

- Birthday Parties on pawn iland 

So guys you all have daily log in to the game. And you also get daily login points,  that you got as day by day daily. Like you get some rewards in day one . And get some rewards in day two like you rewarded  daily while login.

So if you login in these passed week or  some days , you will see some box like in this picture. Did you know what is it in that box ?

There are lots of crackers in that box. And all those crackers can be used in the upcoming matches of Pubg Mobile's New update 0.11.5 . In the starting point of the matches in any map Like vikendi , sanhok and Erangel.

In this Anniversary we are watching so much new amazing updates if there is lottery system or the new car and so many amazing outfits.

And the next update, you can see so many places, cakes  in between the match . You can't eat it but , you can enjoy watching these things.

General Updates of 0.11.5

And there is some more general updates that I have tell you in my previous Articles.

That you can see the new dynamic weather .

New Gun G36C in Vikendi map this gun will replace the Scar-L Gun.

New Vehicle Tukshai in Sanhok

The New tree willer Tukshai will introduce in the Sanhok map . That will replace UAZ , Dacia and Mini Bus. And thing about this Auto rickshaw is that it very hard to control. So since now it will be very difficult in sanhok map to drive a vehicle.

There is one more awaited feature added in the game. Is BB to UC so with this feature you can get BB to UC if you want know about this feature tell me in Comments I will Write About it my Next Article.

Major Updates

There is some major updates after the 0.11.5 . Our league will go down No matter if you are in ACE, Crown, or any place you will loose and be in the starting league position.

And you have to buy new Elite pass , If you have some UC . And in my next Articles I will show you all in buying new Elite pass of Season 6. So stay connected and subscribe our website.

And so many people asking that when will we see the new update of 0.11.5 Pubg Mobile. So guys this will show you 20th - 21st of March. It will comes one by one in every were so keep patience .


So I hope , in this article you have enjoyed and cleared every doubt of your . If you have any questions about this update you can Ask in Comments I will Answer it For sure .
Thanks Guys for Come here .

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