Hydra Dynamo and soul mortal is hacker ? Banned from Pubg ?? [Truth]

Dynamo gaming ban ? Today we will discuss about the biggest news trending on You tube. Now in Google also. The most popular live streamers of Pubg Hydra Dynamo and Soul Mortal was banned from Pubg? Pubg mobile ban For hacking?

First of all, I will tell you about these guys if you don't know them . Most of you will already know them, that's why they are here . This is a short knowledge whom don't know .

Hydra Dynamo

Hydra Dynamo is a Pro Pubg player. who play Pubg Mobile on PC Emulator.

His real name is Aadii Sawant but popularly his known as Dynamo because of his live streams on YouTube _Dynamo_Gaming .

Aadii Sawant Mumbai, Maharashtra.
One last thing but not the least 
Patt Se Headshot


Mortal is also a Pro Player of Pubg who play Pubg Mobile from iPad .
His Real name is Naman Mathur . Popularly known as Mortal because of his Live streams and Game plays on You Tube _MORTAL
Instagram : Naman Mathur
From_Navi Mumbai.
The fans called him
God of Pubg

Is Dynamo and Mortal are hacker ??  (Banned from Pubg Mobile)

Basically it's a news comes from the Internet . This post will give you all details about it . Buffer Overflow
It's a error pop up shown in there Pubg I.d called Buffer Overflow  and they can't log in to there Game accounts. And after some days days, when they come to streams but with another id . Fans Start asking about it, they told the reason and Now days it's a big news of banned 13 million Players Pubg Mobile banned from game are coming from the news websites.

This news is looks like same as they can't log in to their account . Most of the peoples thought they are hackers that's why . They banned from Pubg Mobile and now . They can't play from there real i.d's.

Guys in there I will tell you that if you banned in Pubg this message will show you in this image

You can know which are the Pubg Mobile Cheats or Hacking will make you ban in Pubg Mobile.
So this is the main matter of this controversy . As you already know above that this guy's are the most popular Players of Pubg Mobile on You Tube in India. Millions of peoples see there Live streams and like to hear new updates about them. 

Banned from Pubg Mobile  News

This news is goes viral in just few hours and most of the You Tubers start making fake videos about this news. 
And it's being an another controversy of these famous You Tubers .

Finally A fan ask Dynamo on a Super chat is this true or not ?

Dynamo said this all news are fake creating by heaters . In fact he explained about these fake news.

: If anybody banned from Pubg Mobile his account will go down and loose all the points . Like kills, tier and all.

But you can go to your add friend screen of pubg mobile and check the I.d name and he checked it . And show the live prove.
He appears and his position and points are same as always .

This is the video Proved from Dynamo

You can also can watch the prove from Mortal on his Instagram Stories
The link given below


But you can't do anything if you are famous in public figure .  I personally like both Mortal And Dynamo and follow them. That's why I come here and show you the truth here.
This all fake news are goes viral because of there heaters . if you also a follower of them .. Mortal and Dynamo Share this post  every were and show these heaters.

That not only hate can go viral. some good things also can . Now this is our time to prove that good Players are can do better things then heaters. Comment your reviews about this news and reactions thanks.

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