Claw Set up of Biu Biu Pubg Mobile

Here is one more claw setup that you can acquire and do some experiment with your claw setup and settings. This Claw setup is from a Pro Player of Pubg Mobile Biu Biu .

If you don't know anything about Claw then go and read my another article How to become a claw pro in 5 Days in Pubg Mobile

About Biu Biu || Yu Lei-Xin

Yu Lei-Xin

Biu Biu is a well known Pubg Mobile pro Player and a YouTuber you can check it out his channel here -

You can follow him on Facebook also for awesome Pubg Mobile Game plays. Currently he have 340k subscribe on his YouTube channel.
His from Malaysia and 18 years old .

 This is his Carrier Results and Pubg Mobile Looks like.

This is his Character and Pubg Details Like I.D name Etc.

Tier and ranking Biu Biu
His league Details
 about Solo , Duo
 and Squad tiers and Points

Tier and ranking Biu Biu
Season 3 tiers and Ranking and points position etc.

 Tier and ranking Biu Biu 

Season 4 Tiers Ranking and points position etc.

Claw Set up of Biu Biu Pubg Mobile

Claw Set up of Biu Biu Pubg Mobile

           As you can see there is firing buttons are on left hand side and other settings are in right like lean , scope in , backpack, crouch, reload and jump etc.

            So with this Claw setup you can do everything like I told you about on my previous articles. You can do Top secret drills for practice in Pubg Mobile to become a Pro 

Basic  Settings of Biu Biu Pubg Mobile

Here you can the basic settings of Biu Bui . you will know the correct settings that he use for this setup. You can change as for your like and comfort.

Graphics Settings of Biu Biu Pubg Mobile

Graphics are very important were I will suggest you to do as show in the pictures . Because there is so many peoples who are suffering from lagging problem. So this settings for smoothing your game. After this setting you can play flawlessly .

Sensitivity Settings of Biu Biu Pubg Mobile

Sensitivity settings are also very important while doing setup be careful about your percentages .

Pick Up Settings of Biu Biu Pubg Mobile

             After the every setup try it in practise mode were you can make it perfect . While practising the claw. As I said before this is only about your Muscles Memory.

             Practise makes man perfect do practise and . Follow the setup and be connected , I hope this will help you this time while rank pushing.

All About YouTuber Biu Biu Who Popular for Playing PUBG Mobile

The Mobile Device that Biu Biu use for Pubg Mobile

         Biu Biu is the celebrity Online Gamer that we all know that he recently won the club open 2019 Malaysian region. Everybody wants to know the secret behind his awesome Gaming skills. 

        So as you know that we all have some lagging problem while playing Battle Royale Games. How Biu Biu play so smoothly we have all seen his YouTube video. There is one thing same that the speed of gameplay without lagging issues. 

       This is because he used to play in iOS device. Just see his videos and comments on it. You will realize that the speed is unbeatable. 

This is the phone Biu Biu used to Play with.

Or you can get any other variations of this phones like -

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