100 Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks Guide : To Become a Pro in Pubg Mobile

100 pubg mobile tips and tricks guide
100 pubg mobile tips and tricks guide
In this Article I will give you 100 Pubg Mobile tips and tricks Guide. This will improve your skills in the game . These advance Tips and tricks  of Playerunknown's Battleground will make you newbie to Pro.

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100 Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks Guide

Let's begin with the main topic of to become Pro. I will give you 1 bonus trick so stay connected.

1. Play in Low Graphics

             Always play in smooth graphics and in high or extreme FPS (Frame per second). With this graphics your game never been lag . And you can easily spot snakes (Prone Players).

2. Cook Granades (Nerds)

             When you are throwing nerd or try to nerd. Don't just thought it. Before through cook your nerd first when it's about 2 to 3 second left through it. This will don't give opponent enemies time to react.

3. Use Smokes (position change)

           If it's last circle and you are not in zone . Take 3 to 4 smokes through them and go to the zone. This will give you time to avoid bullets from enemies and you can easily go to the safe zone.

4. House Rushing (Prevention)

          If you are in a house and nerds are coming to you then go to the ground floor. In ground floor less chances to come Granades . You also remind when was the last time you nerd in ground floor. If you did then it's good, but go to ground floor it's much more safe .

5. Use headphones or earphones

           Always use headphones or earphones , with headphones you can hear footsteps. And easily know from were enemies are coming . Without earphones it's very difficult to know. You will never know, what's going on.

6. Crouch Randomly while Running

            When you are running crouch randomly this will protect you from head shots. Who knows if some one is trying to taking head shots of you from AWM or Other Sniper rifle. This trick will avoid head shots while running.

7. Use Car as Cover

         In last circle if you don't have any cover , and you know every one is become snakes. Then you can use car as Cover. Choose a suitable position and blast the car and then you can take cover from your car.

8. Play in Arcade mode

         If you want to work on your skills then play arcade mode. There you don't have fear of die and you can play more boldly . And please don't camp on arcade mode.

9. Zone is Important

          When you are out of the zone and you want to take fight . Then first see how much time left to sink the circle. If you have time then take fight otherwise it's better to go in safe zone .

10. Smoke Before Looting Crates

          Do smoke in crates before loot. You don't know if someone come and shoot you. Or some one left there and camping to kill you.

11. Move and Crouch while Healing

          Try to move little bit and crouch while Healing specially in open places. This will avoid bullets from enemies . If you don't move or crouch you some one will take head shot easily.

12. Capture House in last zone

           In last zone if you see any house capture it rush there . Because most of the time not necessary but zone becomes in the house . And you also have advantage of house.

13. Run Cover to Cover

         In last zone try to run Cover to Cover because if any body shoots on you. And you can quickly take cover. Don't run straight in exposed areas.

14. Run Zig - Zag Motion

           When enemies are firing on you. And you don't have any cover . Run in zig - zag motion . Swap your screen left- right left-right, with this they will miss there shots. And I sure you will escape from them.

15. Play on High Sensitivity

         This will increase your reaction time and you don't have to drag your screen so much. So try to play in high sensitivity or more.

16. Learn Claw

          Guys try to learn Claw , In claw you have to play with 3 or 4 Fingers . This will increase your reaction time and there are so much benefits for using claw . I already write about claw if you want to learn go to that article and learn. How to become a claw pro in 5 Days in Pubg Mobile

17. Use Crossbow

           Crossbow is one of the unrated weapons in the game . It's is only one who can fully break level 3 helmet in one shot . And you can shoot from anywhere it's Mark will never show in map.

18. Ride Bike

         In the game bike has the highest speed in comparison to other vehicles. No vehicle will Chase bike in the game. If you want to go anywhere quickly then go with the bike. Be careful if you fall while riding your game will over .

19. Don't Stop on Stairs While Rushing

        When you and your squad rushing on any building don stop or stay on stairs this will block the way for your teammates . This will create confusion and this will make bad results for your squad.

20. Use Peak and Fire

       So many of you enabled peak and fire option but they never use it. This is very important and give advantage while playing . So start using Peak and Fire and if you want more details about this read my another article about practice drills it will help you to use Peak and Fire effectively.

21. Play FPP (First Person Perspective)

         If you want to increase your gun reaction time. Then start FPP this will increase your reaction timing on shooting because in FPP you can't wait to take TPP so you have to go there and kill them.

22. Decrease moving analog size

           If you decrease the size of analog of movement controller. In customize you move fast in the game. If it's didn't work for you then leave as it is. It's just an advice.

23. Don't Waste Time On Finishing

        If you are planning in squad and you knocked some one. Don't waste time in finish him , if there teammates are near them they have to come so find them . Constantly trying to finish will actually get you in trouble from your enemies teammates.

24. AKM Iron Sight is Best

         In my point of view AKM iron sight is best try it without any scope it will help you in control recoil.

25. Use Car in Last Circle

        When you are in last circle and you think everyone is become snakes . Then try to kill them by car otherwise snakes will kill you.

26. Change Positions

        Don't feel safe ever , you don't know when and from were nerd comes to you . So always change your position no matter were you are.

27. Nerd on Smokes

        If in your near any of your enemies does smokes . The best thing is to nerd there they will be there and you can get kills or give damage to them.

28. Nerd Before Rush

       If you are rushing on and house through 1-2 nerd before entering the house. This will knocked them or make them panic and you have advantage while rushing.

29. Through smoke (If you don't have nerd)

       If you don't have nerd through smoke this will make them panic and they jump from the windows or you can know there position by footsteps.

30. Drive Car Zig - Zag

       If you are driving car and enemies team started firing on you . Then start driving in zig - zag motion this will increase chances they can Miss there shots . And you escape from there.

31. Never Peak in same Window

        Always try to change windows while peaking otherwise your enemies will scope in that window and when you try to peak they will knocked you. So try to change Positions while peaking.

32. Hide Car While Bridge Camp

       When you are doing bridge camp hide your car aside . Otherwise the enemies don't come from bridge they go from boats or by swimming . And you waste your time doing bridge camp.

33. Alert on corners of house

        While entering any house be careful from corners . Specially in the last circle enemies camping on the house corners without giving footsteps. So alert while rushing or entering in houses.

34. Smoke While reviving

         Smoke before reviving your teammates in open places, if you are reviving your teammates in open place . You never know if anybody comes and kill both of you.

35. Adjust 6X scope to 3X

         Adjust 6x scope to 3x this will help you in controlling recoil. Try this once it's very useful.

36. Mark loots for teammates

        If you have loots and you get any do mark for your teammates . Like you have level 3 backpack and you found one mark it for teammates.

37. Smoke before looting Drop

        You know it very well if there is a air drop so many of other Players camp near airdrops so be careful. And smoke before going for the loot it will hide you while looting. And you got some time to run away.

38. On voice chat while paying

          When you are playing in squad make sure to on voice chat and talk to them. Told them about your moves so that they also communicate with you. Like you are going to attack they come with you or provide you cover fire.

39. Use Push to talk

        Guys there is a new feature in new update called push to talk. You can find it by clicking microphone in your screen . So many times while playing background sounds are irritate other Players. so with this feature you can tap to off chat , and tap it when you have to tell something important.

40. Don't drive alone

       If your teammates are alive don't go alone to drive the car . In that situation if enemies start firing on you you will be helpless. You can't fire back you have to exit from car to fire back. And this will increase your chances to loose.

41. Protect your Car

          Always make sure you have car in end zone it will help to kill snakes from car or take cover . So protect your car to the end zone.

42. Rotate And kill

          If an enemy team is stayed in a cover and don't peak . Just sitting over there then . Rotate from left or right do full flange and then kill them.

43.  vest change

         If your vest got damage on your level 3 vest. then change it if you found other level 2 vest . Because a fresh vest will handle more then damage one.

44. Avoid bridge camp

          If you don't have time to fight in bridge camp . Then go from water, take a boat.

45. Flare gun from Car

          If you want to fire your Flare Gun from car. You can do that scope in and aim up. Be careful if you don't scope it will don't go up . Make sure you scope in while firing flare gun in car.

46. Use Enemy Ahead

       Guys it's much better to saying enemies is here and there . Mark it from quick chat Enemy Ahead. Your teammates will easily spot them.

47. Location by degree

         If you can't mark enemies for teammates because they are firing at you. See the degrees on the top and tell them the degree they will spot them from there also.

48. Don't Over Loot

        Don't try to over loot it's not necessary to loot every crates . If you have enough loot then ignore looting every crates.

49. M416 with 2X

       If you use M416 gun more than use 2X scope with it. Just try once and you will know , what I'm trying to say.

50. Rush protection

       When enemies are rushing on you quickly nerd 2-3 . If then enter the house sure they stop and try to see by TPP what are you doing. So nerd will kill them or knocked them.

51. Smoke as distraction

        You can use smokes to distract others . Smoke other side so they will see that side and you go from other side.

52. Boost yourself

       If you're thinking that in your near future have to fight then boost yourself. It will help you in fight. Because in fight you don't get time for healing.

53. Boosting

        For boosting first use painkiller then energy drink because painkiller take more time that's why your boost Bar will not get 100% . So use painkiller first.

54. Smoke and Granades

        In the last zone it's necessary to have smokes and Granades with you . At least 4 smokes and 2-3  nerds. This is enough.

55. Health kits and bandage

       If you got health kits and take 2 or 3 bandage don't keep more then this.

56. Use every resources

        Use every resources because in the end they all gone. So if you have med kits use it or AWM bullets use them. Keeping resources will not useful after the game.

57. Share with teammates

          If you have more than enough ammo or health kits or scopes than 

Share with your teammates.

58. Increase speed

        Boost your self in the last circle it will increase your speed little bit. This will very useful for fights and auto healing.

59. Move on Knocked

          It's a mirth that while you are knocked and if you move your health will decrease quickly . This is wrong you can move and take cover to avoid more bullets.

60. When health goes down quickly

       If you are knocked 4 to 5 times at a time then your health will decrease quickly . So then you can call your teammates to come fast to revive you.

61. Swim under water

        In you are crossing river then try to swim under water. So that no one can spot you and kill you in water. Because you can't fire back from water.

62. Don't be snake

       It's much better to use smoke as cover to become snakes . With this you will also increase your skills. 

63. Fix a Landing Place

        Fix a Landing place in map and always land there . If you do this you will know everything about that place and no body will kill you there.

64. Miramar map

        Most of the highest points are getting in Miramar map. So if you want to push your rank then play in Miramar map.

65. Flare van UAZ

        Guys the Van UAZ who comes from flare gun. That is worthless because you can't fire from there.

66. Fire from cover

        If you are in open place then . First find a cover then fire. Otherwise you will be killed by the enemies.

67. Cover fire

       If your teammates trying to flange then keep firing on them so that they don't have time to escape.

68. Bridge Camp flange

        When you and your squad fighting with enemies then. You can jump in water and flange from behind them and kill them.

69. Use yourself as bat

        For bat yourself you go to Window and show yourself . And the enemy try to peak and fire you . Your teammates will spot them and kill.

70. Drop ammo collect smokes

         When it's going to end circle near by you have to drop some your ammo's and collect more smokes. That will help you more.

71. Change Gun

        While close combat if your ammos end. Then don't reload change gun and fire. No matter if you have mini 14 or sks. If you have kar98 then it's a problem . Otherwise changing gun is better than reload.

72. Avoid Open UAZ

         Open UAZ are not very good because it's open and bullets will easily connect with you. So try to ignore open UAZ.

73. Fast landing

        If you want to land fast , then jump in 750 metres . And drag direction to fully down. And does movement will go straight.

74. TPP Scope and Peak

         When you are playing TPP  (Third Person Perspective) then Sitting on in Scoping or peaking. First you have to spot enemies taking TPP and then Scope in and shoot them.

75. Team work

          If you are playing in squad try to be near by teammates . It will help while revive when someone knocked. So in squad stay with team.

76. Rank points increase

       If you are pushing Rand. Then damage yourself and heal . This will increase your rank points.

77. Before nerd inform

        If you are throwing nerd in any house . Then before nerd tell your teammates that you are throwing nerd in the house. So that don't go there and get damage.

78. Don't waste time

     Guys if you want to go to the zone, then don't waste your time. Made smokes if you want cover or running from there then do it. Don't waste time.

79. Don't peak in front sniper

        If your enemy have AWM Or Kar98 or any other sniper rifle . Then  It's stupidity to peak in front them. Go to other side then shoot.

80. Car lag

       If you are going from car anywhere . And suddenly game will lag little bit like Render lag. It's means enemies are near, Be careful.

81. Red zone

        If you are stuck in red zone and there is no cover near by . Then try to be separate with your teammates.

82. Bold action rifle protection

       If you are getting shots from bolt action rifle then take out pan with you. Not sure but will this protect you little bit.

83. Flare Gun safe fire

          If you have flare gun then fire it in a safe place . Were enemy teams will not come. Because the enemies teams goes to the flare drops.

84. House reviving

       If your teammate got knocked in house then go to Stairs for revive . It's less chances to come nerd in Stairs. And you can revive your teammate easily.

85. Use molotov

        After the update molotov is much better then ever so use molotov also while playing.

86. Gun combination

       Always have a good combination of guns that will give you advantages in long , short and middle every range. For example- M416 with Kar98.

87. Learn from your mistakes

          Every time when you make mistakes learn from it and improve your self by don't repeating mistakes again.

88. When you knocked

        If you knocked while fighting then go a side and watch the fight . Be in the place were bullets can't comes to you . If you'll be in the middle you'll die or making trouble for your teammates.

89. Spot snakes while knocked

        If you got knocked in the last circle from a snake and there is only one or two enemies left then go straight to the enemy and tell your teammates to fire on you. They will spot them and you will win.

90. Apartment rush

        If you are in apartments and enemies are rushing on you . Then go to stairs, from stairs you can kill every enemies easily.

91. Cocking nerd safe

      If you are cooking nerd then cook it in a position were no one can see you . If you get knocked while cooking nerd will blast on you and you loose.

92. Car fight

       If you are in a car fight the decide first that. What you will do, you gonna fire on enemies or blast the car. Otherwise half of bullets are goes to enemies and half in car.

93. Take Gas can

         Take a gas can with you in your backpack . It's better to have gas can behalf of 300 ammos. Because its more difficult to change car in game.

94. Increase smoke and Granades

      As the game progresses towards the end of the way, you can reduce the quantity of your bullet's and increase quantity of smokes and Granades. What will you do with 300 ammos when there is 10 enemies left.

95. Be careful while rushing

        If you are going to rush in a house then. First decide that who will go first to the stairs and see there if you all go together. It's possible to you all killed or knocked by in one spray.

96. Use S12K

        S12K is a most underrated gun in the game if you have it then go to stairs . And sit there nothing will happen to you. You can knock full squad. But be careful with nerds.

97. Don't go under bridge by boats

         If you are going from boats then don't go from under the bridge. Because the players who blocked the bridge will kill you easily. And the health of the boats are already very low in the game.

98. Don't Let drive if aim is good

       If any one from your teammates have a good aim don't let him drive. If you want you can drive but don't let him . Because if he have talent on aiming then let him fire.

99. Careful from Bot Fire scam

        Nowadays the scamming of bot fire was used by most of the players. So if you think this is a scam go with your teammates. 

100. Three Storey Buildings

          If you are in three storey building then don't be in one floor. Separate every one with every floors , so no nerd will knocked both of you at a time.

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There is some tricks that you already Know and some will you learn from here . So we are try to give you 100 best effective tips and tricks that will improve you game if you like then please subscribe our website and. Do comment what you like to know about.

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