Top secret drills for practice in Pubg Mobile to become a Pro

In this tutorial we will give you top secret drills for practice in pubg mobile to master in your claw and gaming skills.

About this article :-

          To become a Pro player in Pubg Mobile. You have have to acquire some skills . 
        For this you have to do some drills in practice mode. Because it's all about your knowledge of your claw setup , you have to build your muscles memory . 

          It will be very helpful for you if you want to play like a pro . Everybody does it . So there is some drills for you to practice in Practice mode.

There are three main points you have to focus for these drills :-

1. Sniping

2. AR & DMR

3. Weapons Switching


        In sniping you have to practice with a sniper rifle in these points-

  •   Aiming
  •   Headshots
  •   Flicks
  •   Peeking
  •   Quick scoping
  •   No scope

2. AR & DMR .

         In AR & DMR you have to practice with AR & DMR in these points-

  •   Spray Controls
  •   Crouch & Peeking
  •   Single Tap 
  •   Reaction Time


These are some drips footage for practice.

Sniping + AR
Switching weapons and firing.

   AR + DMR weapons Switching and                                firing

    Sniper rifle Quick Scoping

Weapons Switching while running

Crouch and peeking

  Peeking both sides at one target
              (behind the tree)

Peeking both sides at one target which crouch (behind the tree)

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