How to win close combat in Pubg mobile

This article is about how to win close combat fight in Pubg Mobile . Pro tips and tricks.

Here I will give you the best and proven tips to smash your opponent enemies in seconds.

Because in close combats fights results are actually decides in seconds. It's a fight of speed.

The following 5 main reasons were you have to focus to win a intense close combat fight in Pubg Mobile;

  1. Taking fight in Close combat
  2. Unpredictable Movement
  3. Find your ideal Sensitivity
  4. Use your Pistol
  5. Keep Calm

  1. Taking fight in Close combat

While taking fight you have to understand your actual situation.
If you don't have Level 3 or 2 armors don't Take fight . Don't even think to take fight with level 1 arms in close combat.


Because if you don't have protection to prevent your self by enemies attacks. How you can survive in combat situation.

Take fight when you are proper ready to take close combat. Ready means , level 3 armors with AR gun or any auto gun.

Note: In this point I'm explain about the close combat only not for sniping or nerd.

  2. Unpredictable Movement

Try to move like enemies can't predict your next movement , you only have to do is don't be in his (your enemies) aim assist.

 If enemy is in your just close, jump in circular path, his front and back or left and right.

This trick will create trouble for set up aim assist of your enemy.

3. Find your ideal Sensitivity

  There are so many people who don't know about their sensitivity. They even don't think about it they just keep trying to kill without knowing their own mistakes.

How to check your ideal Sensitivity?

You can check your actual ideal Sensitivity in practice mode. Take a moving Target and point your aim assist and track it.

    If the target is moving faster than your aim assist your sensitivity is low. And if it's moving slower than you than your sensitivity in high.

You can change it as your speed of action in basic settings. 

4. Use your Pistol 

It's a truth when you get level 3 armors you probably forget about these small arms like Pistol.

In fact everyone forget these little things, but in this point I want you to think about it. That why developers add this in our control ?

Suppose when you are in a close combat fight, and in this situation you and your enemies both roll out you full magazine.

Now what reloading! Who reload first win the fight. But there is a little loop whole both of you ( you & enemies) are low in this moment.

This is the best time to use your Pistol
Not to reload.

       It's better to try 7 shots of Pistol , it is better then waiting for reloading.

 5. Keep Calm

Mostly it has been seen that people get caught in close combat. They panicked in those moments. Even their fingers are also stuck in screen.

They can't even tap the fire button properly. So keep calm in every situation because you can't get anything when your in panic or hustle.

Thanks for reading this article that's it for today. Hope these tips and tricks will help you in Close Combat fight when you play next time in Pubg mobile. 

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