How to win close combat in Pubg mobile

This article is about how to win close combat fight in Pubg Mobile . Pro tips and tricks. 

How to win in close combat fight in Pubg mobile

Taking fight

If you don't have Level 3 or 2 armars don't think to Tak fight . Don't even think to take fight with level 1 arms . 

Unpredictable Movement

Try to move like enemies can't predict your next movement , you only have to do is don't be in his aim assist .

 If enemy in just close jump in circular path, his front and back or left and right.

Find your ideal Sensitivity

  There are so many people they don't know about sensitivity . You can check it in practice mode.Take a moving Target and point your aim assist and track it.
    If the target is moving faster than your aim assist your senstivSens in low and if it's moving slower than you than your sensitivity in high.

You can change it as your speed of action in basic settings.

Use your Pistal 

You are not using when get leven 3 arms when your enemy and you fire your all ammo every one is busy in reloading. This is the right time when you can use it.
       It's better to try 7 shots of pistal , it is better then waiting for reloading.

Keep Calm

Keep calm if you are in rush your fingers gets fight you can't even fire. so keep calm and kill him .

Thanks for reading this article am sure it will help you in Close Combat fight when you play next time in Pubg mobile. 

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