How to play in last circle || Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks

In this article I will give you best tips on how you can play and win in the last circle of Pubg Mobile. After this Article you can win your every matches continuously.

How to play in last circle in Pubg Mobile
How to play in last circle in Pubg Mobile 

First of all, I will tell you that why these Battleground Games are so exciting and interesting . That's because these are a single match of 30 minutes or more.

In this time period you have to collect arms and supplies.You can't take risks otherwise you will spoil your these 30 minutes efforts.

Strategies .

            So what are the strategy you gonna choose there are mostly two strategies you can play in prone or play smartly. If you choose to be prone you can stop reading this article because this article is all about to play smartly .

Fearless and Calm 

          This point has everything thing that you want if you are reading this article it means you loose most of the time in the last circle . So first thing you have to think that it's a game if you loose you can start this game and play again not a big deal.

So you have to be relax and play in calm if you are not calm you can't even try any moves and strategies . Play this game fearless and calm. 


          If you are in situation in solo vs squad don't even think to take fight to them. Just take position make sure to take a cover. And observe them , don't reveal you position. 


   Boost your health fully so they can not kill you easily. 

 Smokes & Granades

    In this situation you have to take 5 or more smokes no matter what because it help you to take cover if there is no cover you can use it as cover or in changing cover. 
            Granade will help to kill them without revealing your position or you can use it to disposition them.

Take Advantage of there mistakes

      The most important thing that I told you previously in Fearless and calm point you can take it as a advantage . In these situations everyone will get nervous and make mistakes as you does . This is time when you have to play little smartly . Through granade spot them when they make mistakes (most people does)
Play smart and kill them. 

So these are some most important tips and tricks in how to play in last circle in Pubg Mobile  Smartly .now follow this and start winning .

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