Best Claw layout setup guide for Pubg Mobile

This article is to help you in customization of your Claw setup in Pubg mobile. How can you use best claw layout setup in 5 days. This pubg mobile claw guide will will improve your claw grip.

Best Claw layout setup guide for Pubg Mobile
Best Claw layout setup guide for Pubg Mobile

4 Fingers Best Claw layout Setup -

           Claw is a very sensitive method to play in Pubg Mobile . Basically claw is a smartphone setup for play Pubg Mobile. There are so many articles and videos but no body explain about how can you use it efectfully and properly.

Best Claw layout setup guide for Pubg Mobile
Best Claw layout setup guide for Pubg Mobile

Its very important to know were your controls are in your Claw setup 
You can change or set in your comfort controls but . It's a setup were you can do everything at the any situations.

Like -

  •  Firing while moving,
  •  Crouch, prone,
  •  Jump or Climb, 
  •  Scope ,
  •  Peek and fire
  •  etc...

Benifits of this Claw Guide

Claw is a very effective way to play Pubg . This will give you the power of effective and immediately results. Usually the default setup is not so good that has some dark side. There you can't do the things like you does is Claw. In short if Claw is a smartphone then default settings is called Nokia 1100 . That will help you to play but Claw will help you to win.

Build Muscles Memory | For Best Pubg Claw Grip

Claw is simple and hard at the same time. When you start learning about Claw you will realize that it is very hard to control. because every set up anolog that you use to control. They are now customize in another way.

So in that moment you have grow you knoledge about your own setup analog and controls . You have to feed these new customize setup in your muscles memory.

To become a master in Claw you have to build your muscles memory . For this you have to do practice in Practice mode.

Continues you have to do some Drills .

  1. Move and fire
  2. Crouch and fire 
  3. Left peek fire 
  4. Right peek fire
  5. Jump or Climb 
  6. Etc...

With these practice drills your muscles memory will grow , decrease your reaction time and grow knowledge about your Claw Setup 

Will make you a Pro in Pubg Mobile .

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