How to Activate "I Got Supplies" option on pubg mobile || "आई गॉट सप्लाई" विकल्प को कैसे करें सक्रिय

In the new update of Pubg mobile 0.11.0 . so many players having the problem in making Supplies for there teammates in this tutorial I will show you how you can do it with screenshots.

This article is about Pubg Mobile Quick Chat settings how you can activate commands that you can give or discuss with your squad .

Nowadays after the new update so many players having trouble in giving commands to teammates or marking supplies option in game . For that reason I will explain you this in 6 step by step with screenshot . As you can see in our pubg pro gyaan infographic image. 

You can add more options like "keep quiet" "cover me" "get to the safe zone " ...

So now I will start this because . “there can only be one winner... let's go!


Start the game now in the home screen you can see the option of settings just click that option.


Select the option of Quick Chat in your right column . You can see it clearly in the screenshot.


Now you have to go to discussion for searching for the option of "I Got Supplies" now click that option.


In the discussion area you have to find the commands that you want to add in your quick chat option . So in this case we want add "I got supplies" that select that you can see in the left side of the screenshot.


Select the Enter button to activate the option of "I got supplies" you can see it in screenshot in left side .


Now click "Ok" . Now you can get supplies for your teammates.

Like this you can also select more options - "OK" , "NO" , "Cover me" ..etc

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