5 [Advance] tricks for Pubg mobile

In this Article we will know the the best and top 5 Advance tricks for Pubg mobile. That will empower your game instantly , we will share some unrevealed secret of pro tricks with you. So stay connected to the end.

Nobody are revealing these tricks because it's secret using only by the pro players and the top ranker's of every servers.

These tricks are shows you on pro players games on YouTube or any other platforms but one will taught you these things exactly .

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So , I will give all the tricks with examples in series so stay connected with us and subscribe our site for regular updates.

 So now we are coming straight to the point .

1. Headshot       

Headshot Pubg mobile

There are many players who want to take headshots like many pro players like Mortal  and  Dynamo but having problem while aiming . Two factors are very important while taking headshots

           (a) Sensitivity
           (b) Practice

     Just go to Practice mode and take a sniper rifle with 8X and 6X scope.
 Now choose a point and try to aim it while aiming you will two type difficulties either you're moving faster or slower .

 Go to your settings and choose the sensitivity option and go to the  8X and 6X sections and check it if you're moving fast decrease it and if you're slower than increase .

 By default there are set to 15% and many of the players who have problems while taking headshots .

 Take it to 6% than go back and retry aiming with scope . You will see difference after this .

And last thing you have to master this with so many practice . And with little practice you will able to take headshots slowly .

Many of the pro players who are in the rank 1, 2 or 3
They had so much practice and played so many matches to be in that position .

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2. Granade cook

Granate cooking Pubg mobile

    First thing I want to tell you that don't take so many Granades because you will be never use every one . Take 3 or 4 for a match . In fact you can take more smokes like  5 or more because it will help you in various points while last circle.

You can read about this in my other article in how to play in last circle I already explained about it . So you can read this to know more about smoke .

So now , coming in the main topic the secret trick to cook Granades there so many simple methods for nerd . But as I said I will tell you the secret tricks so here it is Bouncing Nerd .
Bouncing Nerd Pubg mobile

 So many of you will know this about this but believe this it's very effective when you want to knocked others you can nerd like these pictures with this trick you can knock 2 to 3 easily .

And if you are in a place were you have already spot the enemy and many times it happens when you nerd them they run out and our efforts.

For this if you want to kill them directly with granades so you have to throw it while it's in 3-4 secs left you will get it.

3. Jumping from Plane

Jumping from Plane Pubg mobile

 As we all know when it comes to jump from plan every one is have masters in this to jump at 234 speed. So here I'm telling you not do this the pro players don't do that they they wait and watch every one position and find gun and then kill them.

 Definitely I will never believe me in this point but take serious friend . While you are playing squad vs solo or in squad the pro players don't want to loose in the very first situations.

When you go first and busy in finding weapons and after this you don't know about the enemies position and it's so many times it happens to you even I have also face it in my earlier times.

 It's very important that you have to know about your enemies position .

When I know this trick I go in the Georgo and kill all the enemies not every time but most of the time.

I'm not saying that , only land slowly and you will wiped up every one there is your skills will help you .

But sure you can do this because the main thing is to spot enemies . When you already Know the position you have to find weapons and kill them.

4. Blast the car

Car blast Pubg mobile

 If you want to become a pro you have to know everything about Pubg . So here it is our 4th trick we're you can blast a car .

 So many times it happens to when a car is coming near you are going through your near by . If you are in a position like solo vs squad or in duo you can't take every one knock .

In that situation if you know the chart that I show you. Then you will easily blast the car and kill or knock everyone at once.

5. Don't be stable

Don't feel safe in Pubg mobile

       Always try to move your self . To be safe from the headshots. You never know if someone is aiming on to take a headshot . And it will also help you on close combat also, if you notice will see when you stop in front of enemy his kiss you so if you continue moving and taking shots it's more chance to kill him . This trick is simple but effective . Most of enemies don't use it so .try now and have your chicken dinner .

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Winner winner chicken dinner Pubg mobile

Winner winner chicken dinner Pubg mobile



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